RED Australia / Steel Supplier select LSM SafetyViewDetect® Camera / Proximity Detection Solutions

Published Monday 3 Apr, 2006 by Peter Woodford

RED Australia selected LSM SafetyViewDetect® Camera / Proximity Detection Solutions on a Bendi Forklift. Two Cameras have been employed, with one as the Mast - over View and the other as an Under- Carriage View.

The Bendi Forklift is a unique vehicle, which can load and unload at 90 degrees to the main body and has a three (3) stage mast. The customer is delighted with the LSM SafetyViewDetect® solution due it srobustness, low weight, clarity of the LCD and sunlight resistant Cameras, especially when travelling in and out of the Warehouse.

The Camera on the Carriage is connected to our special electrical cable  which is unique to LSM SafetyViewDetect®. This special cable has proven over 4.0 million cycles in a special Test rig at a temperature of minus -30 degC.

Considering that a Forklift completes an estimated 1 x Million cycles over a 5 x year service life, then our LSM SafetyViewDetect® Cable System will most likely last longer than the Forklift itself!

As such, this is why LSM Technologies has no problems in providing 3 (three) year warranties for their LSM SafetyViewDetect® Camera / Proximity Detection Solutions, even when used in Cold Storage applications. 

Of course- LSM Technologies standard warranty of three (3) year or 20,000 operating hours applies. 

LSM Technologies enhancing: Safety+Damage Control+Productivity.

Red Bendi Flift x 800 x 003.png
Mast- over View
Red Bendi Flift x 800 x 004.png
Carriage View
Red Bendi Flift x 800 x 001.png