(CAAS) Safety Collision Awareness / Avoidance / Work Area Vison Systems

LSM SafetyViewDetect® Camera Viewing / Proximity Detection

LSM SafetyViewDetect® for monitoring Work Area Vision and increased Safety, Collision Awareness / Avoidance and Equipment Damage Control.

LSM SafetyViewDetect® Camera Viewing / Proximity Detection
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LSM Technologies are renowned world leaders in providing Collision Avoidance / Awareness systems (CAS) with their SafetyViewDetect® Camera Viewing and Proximity Detection Solutions.

SafetyViewDetect® is consist of a range of robust and heavy duty Cameras and Proximity Sensors that are combined to enhance Operator situation awareness and visibility around their machines and equipment.

We design our SafetyViewDetect® technology to be compliant with the ISO 5006 / 16001 Standards for Operator visibility around machines to prevent V2P, V2V and V2I interactions,

LSM SafetyViewDetect® integrated technologies will assist you to enhance:

  • Workplace OH&S.
  • Equipment Damage control.
  • Increase Productivity. 

Our SafetyViewDetect® Camera and Proximity Detection Technology can be used on any vehicles and equipment where there is a need for visibility- albeit for just Work Area Vision (non- safety) or where Operator Visibility is Safety Critical for risk mitigation.

LSM Technologies SafetyViewDetect® Camera Viewing / Proximity Detection solutions delivering enhanced Workplace Safety, Equipment Damage Control and Productivity.


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Features + Benefits

LSM Technologies selects and provides only the best Camera Viewing and Proximity Detection technology available  for its SafetyViewDetect® Camera and Proximity Detection.

SafetyViewDetect® systems are robust, fit- for- purpose technology that can survive any arduous operating environments.

Some benefits / features of our SafetyViewDetect® and also LSM Technologies engineering design considerations for the correct systems are:

  • Radar + Camera Integration: Camera can be integrated to operate when configured to Proximity Sensors. Should an object be detected then a single or multiple cameras can be activated to show the Operator what has cause  the alerts.
  • ISO / Australian Standards: All our systems are compliant and designed to meet the international (eg 5006  / 16001) and Australian OH&S Standards and Guidelines for operators visibility ad proximity detection around machines.
  • Designed and Engineered: Meticulous attention is made to the design of the CAS system, with provision for as- built design drawings for later maintenance and troubleshooting..
  • Robust and Durable: All components must surpass strict ISO Standards for mechanical and electrical testing and compliance- eg EMC ISO 13766.
  • Enhanced  OH&S: No more "blind spots" mean awareness and avoidance of HPI's for V2P, V2V and V2I interactions.
  • Operator Interaction / Ergonomics: There is so much happening within a Cabin and so the system needs to be designed to reduced Operator interaction and also distraction. Ensuring correct positioning of the Display and Controls is important for ergonomics.  
  • Equipment Damage Control: As such product it is fit for purpose and the operator can do their job quicker- and safer.
  • Increased Efficiency and Productivity: Providing and Operator with visibility as well as proximity detection means that they have increased reaction time, avoid interactions with people, vehicles and infrastructure and reduce the overall "stress"
  • Warranties:  Fit for purpose design and use of robust components means we can offer warranty of up to 3 years for our SafetyViewDetect® technologies.

LSM Technologies SafetyViewDetect® Camera Viewing / Proximity Detection solutions delivering enhanced Workplace Safety, Equipment Damage Control and Productivity.

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Mining + Quarry + Earthmoving + Road Construction + Landfill

LSM Technologies SafetyViewDetect® CAS Systems for the Camera Viewing and Proximity Detection solution for Earthmoving Machinery, providing the ideal vision and protection for increased safety and equipment damage control.

Working in mining can be enormously challenging for mining vehicles and so it is vital for such machinery to be fitted with fit for purpose robust technology- especially where workplace safety can / will stop the machines use.

All machines- and especially large ones have many significant "blind sports" and so a reliable and correctly designed CAS System is essential to ensure a view of work processes and these "blind spots" to avoid V2P, V2V and V2I interactions.

SafetyViewDetect® CAS Systems  can provide a virtual 360deg "surrondview" and proximity detection around any machine.

SafetyViewDetect® CAS Systems make the workplace safer, ensures Operator comfort, ergonomics and stress during their long working shirts and so equates to enhanced productivity.

 are developed and produced according to the highest quality standards robust and compact, are highly resistant to shocks, vibration and meet strict toughest ISO Standards for Operator visibility and also EMC.

Thanks to SafetyViewDetect® CAS Systems robust and compact design, are waterproof and dustproof (IP69K), then our technology is able to withstand extremes low / high temperatures all day in and day out!

Machines / Vehicles include: Fork Trucks, Tyre Handlers, Telehandlers, Dump Trucks, Water Trucks, Excavators, Drag lines, Shovels, Wheel Loaders, Dozers, Light Vehicles, Cranes, Plant Surveillance (eg Crusher / Conveyor circuits) and much more. 

LSM Technologies SafetyViewDetect® Camera Viewing / Proximity Detection solutions delivering enhanced Workplace Safety, Equipment Damage Control and Productivity.

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Off Road Trains for Fuel, Bulk Haulage, Cattle, Heavy Equipment Cartage, On Site Low Loaders

LSM Technologies SafetyViewDetect® Systems are the perfect Camera Viewing solutions for Off- Road Heavy Haulage Rigs.

Such application are:

Long Cattle and Fuel Road Trains: To provide a Driver with views and conditions of each trailer, its linkage and also to assist with manoeuvrability.

Heavy Bulk Haulage  / Side Tippers: Alignment of the Side Tipper Trailers is quite a task and especially when the ROM is convex- especially after the first trailer. A  robust SafetyViewDetect® RF Camera System at the ROM Bin means that the Driver can see the Bin, align each Trailer and side- tip with confidence of not fouling / destroying the trailer hydraulics (or the Bin). Quicker dumping it also means quicker delivery of product, avoids overfill / spillage.

Sugar Cartage Road Trains: Long Road Trains make it difficult for the Driver to see the filling of the trailers. personnel working around the area and manoeuvring the trailers to align with feed Chutes.

LSM Technologies SafetyViewDetect® Camera Viewing / Proximity Detection solutions delivering enhanced Workplace Safety, Equipment Damage Control and Productivity.

On Road Transport + DG Transport + Waste + Buses + Coaches +-Distrbution Vehicles

LSM Technologies SafetyViewDetect® Systems are the perfect Camera Viewing / Proximity Detection solution for all On Road Vehicles providing the driver with enhanced view and detection around their vehicles / trailers so as avoid interactions with other vehicles, equipment and public.

Whether for the short or the long haulage, SafetyViewDetect® Systems are ideal the solution for all heavy vehicles, such as Buses / Coaches, Mobile Cranes, General  / Dangerous Goods Transport, Road Trains, General Cartage / Distribution Truck, Emergency Vehicles, Council / Waste Trucks- anything that is driven on bitumen road! 

Efficient and safe transport are essential for such vehicles and with sch large equipment there are many "blind spots" that obstruct and restrict viewing for the Driver.

Viewing between Trailers, manoeuvring / turning the Rig, travelling through public streets (pedestrians / cyclists), etc. LSM Technologies SafetyViewDetect® Camera Viewing and Detection Systems are your solution.

Whether on the open road, manoeuvring through the streets or backing up to a dock, SafetyViewDetect® Systems will provide moving your vehicles more effective, efficient and safer.

LSM Technologies SafetyViewDetect® Camera Viewing / Proximity Detection solutions delivering enhanced Workplace Safety, Equipment Damage Control and Productivity.

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Crane 001 x 800.jpg
Ports x 800 002.jpg
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Cranes + Construction + Ports + Shipping + Container Handling

LSM Technologies SafetyViewDetect® Systems are the perfect Camera Viewing / Proximity Detection solution for all vehicles and equipment operating on Construction Sites, Ports, Shipping to enhance the driver / operators view and proximity detection.

SafetyViewDetect® Systems are available for such applications as:

Construction Industry.

Safety and efficiency are extremely important when working with Cranes on Construction Sites. LSM SafetyViewDetect® innovative camera / proximity detection systems offer additional safety and efficiency by providing a view of Winches, Hooks, Loads, Traffic, People and not only the areas below but also the areas behind or to the side of the machine. In addition, vision solutions provide more comfort for the operator, clear vision allows for the Crane operator to react immediately if there are people or objects within the crane's vicinity. The aim is to increase safety, efficiency, operators focus as well as protect the crane equipment and product load from damage.

SafetyViewDetect® Camera Viewing / Proximity Detection solutions are available for:

  • Tower Cranes.
  • Crawler Canes. 
  • Luffing Cranes.
  • Harbour Cranes.
  • Mobile Cranes.

Shipping and Port Applications.

Once again, safety and efficiency are paramount in such applications for Ports and Shipping and SafetyViewDetect® Camera Viewing / Proximity Detection systems are the perfect solution with operator views of Twist locks,  Latches (STS), Back reach, Spreader Bars, Container Positioning / Stacking, Top view, Load views, Winches, Ballasts, Walkways, Truck positioning, etc.

SafetyViewDetect® Camera Viewing / Proximity Detection solutions are available for:

  • Container Handlers.
  • Straddle Carriers.
  • Reach Stackers.
  • RTG / RMG Gantries.
  • STS Cranes.
  • Forklifts.
  • Overhead Gantries.

LSM Technologies SafetyViewDetect® Camera Viewing / Proximity Detection solutions delivering enhanced Workplace Safety, Equipment Damage Control and Productivity.

Port and Cranes Catalogue
Fork Lifts + Telehandlers + EWP's

LSM Technologies SafetyViewDetect® Systems are the Camera Viewing / Proximity Detection solution for Forklifts, Large Fork Trucks, EWP's / Scissor Lifts,  and Telehandlers operating in many industries and applications as Warehouses, Mining, Steel, Timber Yards, etc so as enhance the driver / operators view and proximity detection.

Typical situations for these speciality applications / machinery are: 

Forklifts and Blind Spots

Forklift drivers often have to contend with an impaired view as a result of blind spots around the vehicle, leading to a considerable volume of accidents each year. Many accidents with forklifts involve a collision with a pedestrian. Other accident scenarios include the load falling onto someone, or people in the vicinity of the truck being trapped between the truck and an object / load. Most of these accidents occur because the forklift driver has a poor view of the area surrounding the vehicle. Added to that, forklift drivers are trying to focus on a lot of things at the same time: the load, the height, manoeuvring, etc increasing the risk of an accident.

Load Blocking the View
When a forklift truck is carrying a load, the front area can be completely obscured, which creates a number of blind spots. And it is not only the load on the fork that restricts the driver's view, but also obscured intersections and drive-in points in the warehouse. Fitting cameras to a forklift increases safety by giving the driver a direct view of the floor in front of the truck. Cameras provide a clear view of obstacles and of areas that would otherwise be blind spots, helping to prevent accidents.

Blind Spots around a Forklift
Even without a load on the fork, drivers are often unable to get a clear view of the area in front of the forklift. The bulkhead, the fork carriage, any attachments and the mast with hydraulic hoses and cylinders all obscure the view. A camera gives drivers a better view of their surroundings, which minimises the risk of a collision.

Neck and Back Injury (RSI)
Machine vibration, twisting in the seat, straining the head to attain a view of the load, especially in high stack warehousing of today, all increases the risk of RSI injury to the driver / operator. 

Keeping inside the Machine
Restricted viewing also promotes the driver to extend their body outside the Fork Lift exposing them to the risk of injury. By providing viewing solutions around the machine and on the forks then the driver can sit comfortably inside the ROP's of the machine.

Pallet Positioning
High lift  / stacking is common today and so it is virtually impossible for the driver to accurately locate the Forks into a pallet- least alone replacing the pallet back into the rack. Dropped loads, incorrect positioning, impact on racking are all hazards that are hard ta avoid in a high lift situation. However, providing a view with a Fork Camera attached means that even at heights of 14-16 metres the driver has a clear view of the forks from their cabin entering the pallet when putting it back in position and also when removing the pallet. 

LSM Technologies SafetyViewDetect® Camera Viewing / Proximity Detection solutions delivering enhanced Workplace Safety, Equipment Damage Control and Productivity.

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Agriculture + Forestry

LSM Technologies SafetyViewDetect® Systems are the Camera Viewing / Proximity Detection solution is excellent for providing work area views on equipment on Harvesters, Logging Trucks, Mulching, Debarking machines, Tractors, etc in the Agricultural and Forestry Industries.

Good visibility is crucial to ensure protection of workers, driver and machine and also reducing product spillage and ensuring maximisation of product recovery with typical situations as:

Rear / Front View

With an LSM SafetyViewDetect® Camera Viewing / Proximity Detection solution on your tractor, trailer or ancillary equipment you can gain a better view (and detection) of the working area to the rear of the vehicle and drive more safely when reversing. The monitor in the Cabin switches automatically to the rearview when reverse gear is engaged. You can also set continuous or manual operation. A rear-view camera also provides a view of the work being performed by the machine and helps when attaching or detaching trailers. A rear-view camera can be fitted to any type of agricultural machinery.

Tool Viewing
When in the Cabin of a machine such as on telehandlers, material handlers or excavators, your view of the tools being used is often limited. This work is often very specific, so tool-view cameras provide optimum visibility for all activities that are out of your direct line of sight. For example, having a view of forks, ploughs, combines, harvester combs, excavator buckets, etc will lead to reduced operating time and substantially increased safety.

Front View
With most machines there is a blind spot are for some metres on the front of large / tall machine that the operator can not see. By implementing LSM SafetyViewDetect® Camera Viewing / Proximity Detection you always have a clear view of what's going on in front of the machine when you are stopped and also operating. A front-end loader on a tractor, for example, blocks your view, making it more difficult to see the area in front of the machine.

Cross View
Cross view is the solution for tractors with large front-end attachments such as front mowers or counterweights. Turning or crossing roads can be very hazardous when using front-end attachments, as the operator has a very limited view or no view at all. 

Process View
Process-view cameras lets you clearly see a multitude of different processes, such as sowing, planting, sprinkling and harvesting all from inside the machine. The monitor in the cab provides a continuous view (of the tipper when harvesting, for example) and promptly shows you when the truck is almost full; this helps you work more efficiently. 

Surround Viewing
Viewing all sides of a machine is also possible with cameras (and proximity detection sensors) around ensure machine that can be automatically switched, so limiting operator interaction and distraction as well as being able to multi- view all the cameras on a single display depicting a virtual 360 degree view around the machine.

LSM Technologies SafetyViewDetect® Camera Viewing / Proximity Detection solutions delivering enhanced Workplace Safety, Equipment Damage Control and Productivity.

ISO 5006 / ISO 1600 Compliance

LSM Technologies SafetyViewDetect® Camera Viewing / Proximity Detection solutions are designed by LSM Engineering team to be complaint to Australian and International Standards.

The  most significant Standards that are now adopted in many other Industrial OH&S Regulator Guidelines and Specification today are the:

  • ISO 5006: Earth-Moving Machinery- Operator's Field Of View- Test Method And Performance Criteria.
  • ISO 16001:Earth-Moving Machinery- Object Detection Systems and Visibility Aids- Performance Requirements And Tests
  • ISO 13766:Earth-moving and building construction machinery-Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) of machines.

Australian and New Zealand are active voting members of the SO 5006 / 16001 and so are party to the mandates and recommendations for correct  implementation of these OH&S Standards .

The ISO 5006 / 16001 for Operator Visibility is the only accepted, recommended & mandatory International Standard associated with mitigating incidents between V2P (Vehicle to Person), V2V (Vehicle to Vehicle) & V2I (Vehicle to Infrastructure) interactions.

The ISO 5006 clearly states: "The purpose of this International Standard is to address operator's visibility in such a manner that the operator can see around the machine to enable proper, effective and safe operation that can be quantified in objective engineering terms".

It does not matter what Industry or application, virtually every type of vehicle or machine has inherent "blind spots" where the Driver / Operator can not see.

Examples are Forklifts, Earthmoving machines, Cranes, Garbage Trucks, Trucks / Trailers, etc and according to the ISO Standards:

  • Where direct visibility is considered inadequate the additional devices such as Cameras (CCTV) for Indirect Visibility must be utilised.
  • Operator visibility is to be provided on a boundary line of 1.0 metre from the smallest rectangle that encompasses the machine at 1.5 metre heights & on a circle of 12.0-metre radius.
  • For larger machines than specified, then the appropriate radius could be up to 24.0 metres or more.
  • Proximity detection devices are Hazard devices for detecting Objects whereas Cameras are viewing devices for detecting people.
  • A Hazard Detection Device can augment a viewing system but should not be used on its own unless there are special circumstances where Viewing Devices can not b used.

What Condition require the ISO5006 / 16001?

HPI's (High Potential Incidents) are a result of Interactions, they occur predominately:

  • At low speeds of 0- 10 kilometres / hour.
  • In situations where there is close proximity.
  • Primarily Rearward travel- no visibility 

What do Camera / Proximity  Detection offer? 

Compliance to the ISO5006 / 16001 offers more than OH&S mitigation!

Safety- Health:

  • Collision Avoidance.
  • Increased awareness- Vision. 
  • Reduction of Driver Fatigue.
  • Reduction of RSI Injuries- Neck / Back Strain.
  • Zero harm of personnel.

Damage Control:

  • Vehicle Damage during operation- loading.
  • Tyre Wear- Damage.
  • Berms & Reversing Incidents.


  • Increased Fill / Dump Cycles.
  • Increased Loading Times- Eg Excavator- Dump Truck.
  • Enhanced Productivity- with increased Safety.
Discussion Whitepaper
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ISO5006 x 800 x002.png
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Blind Spot Agitotor 800 x 001.png
Truck Blind 800 001.png

Other aspects in compliance to OH&S in the workplace that can effect Share Value / Investor Returns.  A detailed report completed by CITI GroupSafety Spotlight June 2009, reported that there is a direct link to Companies Share Value and Investor Returns involving OH&S incidents.

Also, it is a legislated OH&S requirement to record, disclose and report HPI’s- not only to relevant Health and Safety Authorities- but also to Investors.

Besides the human effect, substantial costs are involved in OH&S incidents with loss of production, fines, compensation, civil litigation. And even permanent closure of operations / company's and incarceration of up to 30 years under the WHS Act / Chain of Responsibility laws.

When selecting your mitigation control, there is much more to consider and this is where LSM Technologies can assist with ascertaining considerations  in the design such as:

  • Integration of various systems / devices
  • Transfer of the technology between equipment / sites
  • Mixture of differing equipment and its mitigation needs.
  • Education and Training. 
  • Design for fit- for purpose reliability and maintenance.
  • On- going management may require changes, upgrades.
  • ...........and much more. 

Please click on the button link to download our detailed technical whitepaper on selecting your mitigation controls for compliance to ISO5006 / 16001 and ISO 13766.

LSM Technologies SafetyViewDetect® Camera Viewing / Proximity Detection solutions delivering enhanced Workplace Safety, Equipment Damage Control and Productivity.

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