Tyre Monitoring Systems

LSM TyreGuard® Tyre Monitoring Systems

LSM TyreGuard® using Doran Manufacturing LLC- the world leaders in the manufacturing and development of tyre monitoring systems that monitor the pressure and temperature of your tyres

LSM TyreGuard® Tyre Monitoring Systems
TyreGuard® HD360 Rigid Trucks+Buses + CranesTYREGUARD® HD360 RIGID TRUCKS+BUSES + CRANES
TyreGuard® CE360- Earthmoving / MiningTYREGUARD® CE360- EARTHMOVING / MINING
TyreGuard® MTR360- Multi- Tow CombosTYREGUARD® MTR360- MULTI- TOW COMBOS
TyreGuard® AG360- AgriculturalTYREGUARD® AG360- AGRICULTURAL
TyreGuard® RV360 RecreationalTYREGUARD® RV360 RECREATIONAL
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LSM Technologies is the sole distributor in Australasia for Doran Manufacturing LLC Tyre Monitoring System Technology.

LSM Tyre Guard®  / Doran TMSystems are tested / certified to SAE J2848 &J1455 Standards and in Australia for DG (Dangerous Goods) Transport.

LSM TyreGuard® Tyre Monitoring System (TMSystems) are a proven and robust technology for >20 years now. They have been purpose built to survive & function efficiently in operational and environmental extremes, providing the highest accuracy, durability, reliability and protection for your tyres, vehicles and occupants.

LSM TyreGuard® TMSystem integration are used for accurately monitoring Tyre and Wheel Pressures and Temperatures and are a part of our advanced LSM Sentinel® product portfolio of unique Vehicle OH&S mitigation engineering controls, committed to providing  greater safety and savings for our customers.

LSM TyreGuard® TMSystems integration and can be utilised on any vehicle or machine that has a pneumatic tyre - from heavy industrial equipment to domestic vehicles.

See the video clip as NBTA chairman Justin Keast talks about the Tenterfield Truck / Trailer Wheel / Tyre fire that potentially could have been adverted with TMSystem technology.

LSM Technologies Is also proud to be the sponsors of the ARTSA-i / National Safety Innovation funded "Heavy Vehicle Fire Prevention Program"  and "Tyre Working Group".

2021-April- Tenterfield truck fire- Big Rigs
Features+ Applications

LSM TyreGuard® TMSystems are designed for heavy-duty use and suit any vehicle in any industry that has a pneumatic tyre- some of LSM TyreGuard® TMSystems features are: 


  • Mining, Quarry Earthmoving
  • On and Off Road Heavy Haulage Trucks and Trailers, Low loaders.
  • Agricultural vehicles including Irrigation, central / lateral moves.
  • Mobile Cranes, EWP's.
  • Emergency and Defence Vehicles.
  • Forklifts and Port Equipment.
  • Even passenger vehicles, lawn mowers and much more!

Safety + Equipment Damage Control.

  • Peace of mind knowing that your tyres, your only contact with the road, are inflated properly for optimum performance and handling.
  • Monitor displays current tyre pressures for all tyres.
  • Tyre pressure is constantly monitored, while moving or parked.
  • Alerts to dangerous low-pressure and high temperature situations, with both a visual and an audible alert.

Economy + Productivity + Environment:

  • Properly inflated tyres last longer.
  • The life of your tyre is extended due to less tread wear.
  • Properly inflated tyres save fuel.
  • Proper inflation protects and saves the tyre casing, reducing the chance of blowouts and side wall rips.
  • Properly inflated tyres extend the life of tyre treads by as much as 35%.
  • Properly inflated and maintained tyres save costly roadside repairs and down- time.
  • Under inflated tyres wear prematurely, adding to the landfill/disposal problem.
  • Assists in preventing dangerous debris on the road from worn and unsafe tyres and casings.
  • Reduced rubber particulates in the air effecting air quality.
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LSM TyreGuard® TMSystems prevent accidents and reduce vehicle operating costs:

  • Tyre Service Life / Fuel Economy: Maintaining optimum set- point pressures means tyres / tread last longer and fuel consumption is reduced.
  • Increased Safety: Avoids tyre fires (locked brakes, bearing failures, tyre under-inflation), tyre explosions (pyrolysis) and resulting accidents.
  • Braking / Traction / Control: Correct tyre inflation maximises vehicle control and braking in both dry and wet conditions.
  • Equipment Damage Control: Catastrophic tyre failure, roll-overs, wheel- offs.
  • Cost downs / Productivity / Tyre Checks: Targeting tyres that require re-pressurisation saves on labour and associated productivity loss. Consider 2,000 tyres in a fleet, with 2-3 minutes- checking tyres once a week would require 60- 100 hours to complete! 
  • Environment: Reducing waste / landfill, decreased Co2 footprint, and reduces airborne rubber particulates affecting air quality.

Telematics Integration:  Integration to LSM FSM® Fleet Safety Manager Telematics provides live monitoring, data collectionalerting and reporting is provided when issues occur. With automatic reporting, a Fleet Operator can provide its clients with compliance reports, automatically or with a push of a button. Do the maths on time required to check and report on a fleet of 2,000 tyres! In Mining applications such as with DTrucksLightning Storms / Strikes can cause extensive loss of production. With LSM FSM® Fleet Safety Manager / TyreGuard® TMSystems, one can monitor if there are issues and safely go back into Production quicker.

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How it Works
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How do the LSM TyreGuard® TMSystems work?

In- Cabin Display.

An In- Cabin Display Monitor provides the Operator / Driver with audible and visual alarms when an issue occurs with the Tyres or Wheels.

  • Visual / Audible alerts Driver / Operator (during operation), there is a Pressure / Temperature issue with the tyre.
  • Provides for Pre- Start Checks / Alerts.
  • Monitoring / Displays up to 8 Tow Vehicles (Trailers / Dollies)  and 180 Tyre Sensors.
  • Full “Drop & Hook” Capability.
  • Robust against Temperature / Vibration / Dust. 
  • Quick / ease Programming Sensors. 
  • Telematics Integration with back- to- base reporting / compliance / data Analysis. 

Alerts and Alarms

  • High Temperature Alert >80DegC.
  • Low Pressure Alert I (>12% loss).
  • Low Pressure Alerts II (>25% loss).
  • High Pressure Alert (>25% increase).
  • Fast leak Alerts- Rapid Air Loss- Blow- out (2.8 psi- 12 secs).

Wireless Tyre (External) Sensors.

  • Wirelessly report Air Pressure & Temperature to In- Cabin Display.
  • Either External or Internal mounted Sensors to air- valve (steel) stems.
  • Easily removed  / replaced / programmed.
  • Fully Sealed- 100% Waterproof- Encapsulated (eg. battery not replaceable).
  • Proven Heavy Duty & Reliable Technology.
  • Robust- Impact / Vibration Proof.
  • Tested / Certified for DG (Dangerous Goods) Transport Vehicles.
  • Tested / Certified to SAE J2848 &J1455 Standards.
  • Service Life 4-5 years before replacement.
TyreGuard® HD360™ / HDJ360™ Rigid Vehicles / Single Tow

LSM TyreGuard® HD360™ (Trucks)  / HDJ360™ (Bus / Coach) TMSystems are designed to handle the rigours of harsh environments and is used primarily with standard Wheels that have Standard Bore Valves and are an excellent solution for such vehicles such as:

  • Semi- trailer with a single (married) Trailer.
  • Rigid Trucks + Trailer Fleets.
  • Pimemovers + Single Tow (eg married Trailer).
  • Cranes, Emergency Vehicles.
  • Waste and Cement Trucks.
  • Buses and Coaches
  • Port Equipment.
  • Forklifts / Telehandlers.
  • EWP's especially on Trucks.
  • Mobile and Pick / Carry Cranes. 
  • Municipal Vehicles - Sweepers, Waster, etc.
  • Distribution Trucks.
  • Light Vehicles.
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TyreGuard® CE360® Heavy Equipment / Vehicles

LSM TyreGuard® CE360 TMSystem is designed to handle the rigours of harsh operating environments and is used on Large Bore Tyre Valves and Heavy Equipment used on:

  • Construction Vehicles.
  • Mining Equipment  for both Underground and Abovegound (HME) Heavy Mining Equipment.
  • Earthmoving Quarrying Vehicles.
  • Large Mobile Cranes,
  • Port Equipment (Straddle Carriers / Container Forklifts)
  • Agricultural Equipment (Lateral / Centre Move Irrigation / Tractors).
  • Defence and Military Vehicles.

The LSM TyreGaurd® CE360 TMSystems have very special Tyre Sensors in that they are larger than the standard bore Sensors and are the only Sensor in the world that are resistant to Rim Protection / Tyre Conditioner Fluids.

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TyreGuard® MTR360® Multi- Tow Combination Trucks & Trailers / Low Loaders

The LSM MTR360™ is a unique World first TMSystem, designed to monitor / report  live Tyre Pressures + Temperatures for On and Off Road Transport Road Trains and Low Loaders.

Typical applications are:

  • On- Road Transport Road Trains- Primemovers and multiple (up to  x 8)  Trailers / Dollies.
  • Off- Road Transport Rigs of the same for Heavy Haulage.
  • Low Loader Rigs with up to 180 tyres.

Special characteristics, features and advantages of the TyreGuard® MTR360 TMSystem are:

  • The In-Cabin Monitor will provide the Operator with the exact position and problem (pressure / temperature) Tyre on the retrospective Axle of the 8 x Tow Assets and Primemover.
  • Alerts and warnings are both Static and Dynamic and great to know before you hit the road and whilst you are on the road
  • Saves time with targeting those tyres with issues during Prestarts and Tyre / Wheel Maintenance.
  • Full "Drop and Hook" is provided where each Tow Asset is "hooked" up (and when "dropped"), the sequential order is always seen / kept on the In- Cabin Monitor.

How it works?

  • A TyreGuard® Transceiver is installed on each Tow Asset and its Wireless Tyre Sensors (up to 20 x tyres / asset) are programmed  / mapped to the Transceiver.
  • Each TyreGuard® Transceiver relays its Tyre Sensor data in a "daisy- chain" process to the TyreGuard® MTR360 Hub located in the Primemover where the Tyre data can be viewed by the Operator on the In-Cabin Monitor.
  • Tyre Sensors are easily programmed and can be viewed during walk- around inspections of the Rig. The TyreGuard® SmartLink Tool can read each Asset and all its Tyre Sensors in one pass.

In addition, the TyreGuard® MTR360 TMSystem is integrated into our FSM® Fleet Safety Manager Telematics for back to base alerting and reporting. 

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TyreGuard® AG360 Heavy Equipment / Vehicles

LSM TyreGuard® AG360™ TMSystems are designed specifically for Agricultural and Forestry Machines that operate in harsh operating environments.

Agriculture / Forestry Tyres operate differently in their applications compared to other machines, as they need to:  

  • Minimise soil compaction from improperly inflated Tyres.
  • Improve equipment performance and ride comfort.
  • Decrease tyre wear, reduce repair & replacement costs.
  • Traction, especially in wet / muddy conditions, also improves fuel economy 

Precise Tyre pressure plays a key role in this analysis, and Agriculturalists have long studied the impact tyre inflation has on crop yields.

Over-inflated tyres cause soil compaction, which limits the nutrients and water that roots can absorb. It also hinders essential microbial life development and encourages water stagnation. Over-inflated tyres also create higher resistance, forcing growers to spend more labour and fuel in every season. 

The LSM TyreGuard® AG360 TMSystems also have very special Tyre Sensors in that they are larger than the standard bore Sensors and are the only Sensor in the world that are resistant to the use of Rim Protection / Tyre Conditioner Fluids / Water Ballast.

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TyreGuard® RV360® Recreational Vehicles

LSM Technologies even offer our Industrial grade TMSystems for Recreational Vehicles such as 4 x 4, Caravans, Campervan and RV's or even your own domestic car.

LSM TyreGuard® RV360 TMSystem Recreation Vehicles provides the same robust / heavy-duty design for protection of your personal vehicles.

The TyreGuard® RV360® TMSystem for Recreational Vehicles is: 

  • Endorsed & Tested for >10 years: Our TyreGuard® RV360 is the only TMSystems in Australia tested and endorsed by Australia's top 4 x 4 Journalist Alan Whiting (Outback Travelling Australia) and legendary V8 Supercar Driver Larry Perkins. 
  • Provides Extended Warranties: We provide a 2 x year unconditional full replacement warranty and 5 x years (pro rata).
  • Primary + Secondary Tow: You can simply program the Tyre Sensors separately to your Car / 4 x 4 and the Display Monitor will show the 2 x vehicles on its screen.
  • Van / Trailer "Drop and Hook": If you disconnect your Tow to use your Car separately, the TyreGuard® RV360 will ask if you would like to stop monitoring its Sensors. Later when you come within range of your Tow again it will ask if you would like to add the tow back again.
  • Fully Potted Tyre Sensors: TyreGuard® Tyre Sensors are fully potted / encapsulated in hardened poly material. Tyre Sensors are subjected to enormous stresses on the wheel with water ingress, impacting of debris / rocks, severe road vibration, extremes of temperatures and high centrifugal forces. Tyre Sensors that can be opened to have their battery replaced will be surely compromised under such conditions.
  • Global Baseline Reset Function: This feature allows you to globally resetting of the base - line / set - point pressure alarms when raising and lowering tyre pressures to accommodate "sand or corrugated" road conditions.

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TyreGuard® SmartLink® Tool / Tablet

LSM Technologies TyreGuard® SmartLink® Tool / Tablet  now brings a new dimension to managing Pneumatic Tyres and your TyreGuard® TMSystems.

TyreGuard® SmartLink® Tablet adds to our technology portfolio with an Off- line Tool for Manual Inspections, Programming, Maintenance and Off- line Storage / Analysis of Tyre Pressure and Temperature (and Tyre Depth) Data especially where telemetry is not available.

TyreGuard® SmartLink® Tablet is used to communicate with all our Tyre Monitoring Systems with RF or LF Sensor / Transceivers used on tyres of Truck and Trailer Fleets, OFF Road Equipment and Multi-­Trailer applications. It can be used to set up the Transceiver configuration and attain information on Tyre status via walk- around pre- starts / inspections.

TyreGuard® SmartLink® Tablet has many features- including:

  • It is fit- for- purpose and robust in design.
  • Quickly program Tyre Sensors for a complete Vehicle.
  • Can quickly and easily re- program new Sensors.
  • Workshop can determine  / target what Tyres require attention.
  • Download, Store and Analysis Pressure, Temperature Data, Tyre Depth and also Photos during maintenance inspections. 
  • Complete Truck / Trailer Tyre walk- round checks even whilst sitting in your service vehicle- out of the rain and dust.
  • Simply point and read each Asset.
  • Can connect with a PC to download the saved data for documentation and analysis.
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FSM® Telematics Integration


LSM TyreGuard® Tyre Monitoring Systems works hand in hand with LSM FSM® Fleet Safety Manager + Tracking Telematics System to provide real time data and alerts back to base, ensuring a proactive approach to enhance Workplace (and public) OH&S, Equipment Damage Control, Maintenance Cost-downs and Productivity

LSM FSM® is an in- house world first and Australian designed / developed SaaS software that allows users to be provided with more than just fleet tracking but also integration of LSM product technologies, that can be accessed via any internet connected PC or mobile device. LSM FSM® is an intuitive web browser interface with a single click access to fleet dashboards, customise reports, compliance tools as well as real time, user defined alerts. It is scalable from a single vehicle / asset up to thousands, providing immediate alerts as required via SMS and email, anywhere in the world- 24/7.

Australian designed and made- for Australian Industry.  

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LSM TyreGuard®:Tyre Pressure and Temperature Monitoring System interface "PlugNPlay" integrated into the LSM Sentinel® Vehicle Safety System.

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Did You Know


  • 20% under-inflation can reduce tyre life by 30%
  • 20% under-inflation can increase tyre wear by 25%
  • 20% under-inflation can reduce fuel economy by 3%
  • 85%-90% of tyre failures are directly attributable to under-inflation.


Did you know that Tyre and Wheel Well fires account for about 1/3 of Truck and Trailer fires? According to ARTSA- i, a common cause of Truck  / Trailer is locked brakes, seized bearing and under- inflated / flat tyres. View the full ARTSA-i Guidelines, "Detailed look at causes of fires in truck and trailers." at the link below.