Peter Whiting- Outback Travel Australia-LSM TyreGuard® RV360- 13 x years down Aussie "Dirt Roads"

While some may recall our earlier news articles and endorsements from Allan Whiting of Outback Travel Australia dating back to 2011, Peter Whiting, also a member of the team, has recently shared a heartfelt testimonial on our TMSystems. Now, 13 years later and after many 100's of thousands of kilometres in the Aussie Outback, our journey continues.

Dear LSM Team, 

As you're aware, both Allan, myself, and the Travel Outback Australia team have relied on the LSM TyreGuard® RV360 TMSystem since 2011. Over the past 13 years, we have traversed 100's thousands of kilometres across some of the roughest terrains our country offers.

We've tackled Len Beadell's outback roads, the Tanami Track, Goog's Track, and the Gibb River Road, among others. Remarkably, I've never experienced a sensor failure or lost one from either the vehicle or the Camper or Caravan we've towed.

The system has been invaluable in saving tyres from potential destruction by promptly alerting us to any punctures we've encountered. Often, we've been able to identify and plug leaks without even removing the wheel, saving us precious time, effort with increased safety.

This is not just a tyre-saving tool- it's a time and effort saver too.

I extend my gratitude for providing such an exceptional product.

Best Regards,
Peter Whiting
Outback Travel Australia

Peters Rig 001.jpg
Peters Rig 002.jpg

LSM has been an integral part of our journey, providing the Outback Travel Australia team with unparalleled reliability. After nearly 1.5 decades, they have never had to repair or replace any system components, except for replacing the Tyre Sensors only twice during this time. LSM should take pride in the fact that the TyreGuard® RV360 TMSystem has delivered 100% reliability and protection.

Thank you, Pete (and Allan)-the LSM Team.