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LSM Sentinel® VSS (int. pat.pend) Video Clips

This is a list of the explanation of "how- it- works Videos for our LSM Sentinel® Safety Vehicle System and integrated OH&S Control DevicesNote: do not forget to turn up your sound.

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2023- LSM Sentinel® VSS How it Works

Sentinel® VSS (pat.pend) adding various other LSM developed "plugNplay" safety mitigation controls designed and developed in Australia.

2023 LSM RollStop®- How it Works

LSM RollStop® Anti Rollaway & Parkbrake Fail Safe mitigation control that integrates into the LSM Sentinel® VSS (int. pat.pend) designed, developed and made in Australia.

2023- LSM RadarSense How it Works

LSM RadarSense® SmartAI Radar Proximity Detection / Automatic Emergency Braking System "PlugNPlay" integrated into the LSM Sentinel® Vehicle Safety System. 

LSM AccessID®- How it Works

LSM AccessID®: Anti- Theft / Authorised Access System "PlugNPlay" integrated into the LSM Sentinel® Vehicle Safety System 

LSM CabSense®- How it Works

LSM CabSense®: Driver & Occupant Fatigue + Distraction + Behaviour Monitoring +  ADAS System "PlugNPlay" integrated into the LSM Sentinel® Vehicle Safety System using Machine Learning / AI Technology. 

LSM DriverView®- How it Works

LSM DriverView®: Driver View Forward facing Camera + Recording "PlugNPlay" integrated into the LSM Sentinel® Vehicle Safety System. 

LSM TyreGuard®- How it Works

LSM TyreGuard®:Tyre Pressure and Temperature Monitoring System interface "PlugNPlay" integrated into the LSM Sentinel® Vehicle Safety System.

FSM Fleet Tracking and Safety Manager® Telemetry System

A few video clips about how LSM Technologies our FSM Fleet Tracking and Safety Manager® Telemetry System. See how it works with a few of our Safety mitigation controls (TyreGuard®, Sentinel® VSS, EnviroCab® etc so as you may easily ensure compliance of OH&S. 

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LSM- FSM Fleet Tracking & Safety Manager®

LSM- Discussing FSM Fleet Tracking / Safety Manager® at AIMEX 2017