LSM "SmartAI" Radar Sensor Proximity Detection System

LSM RadarSense® "SmartAI" Radar Proximity Detection

LSM RadarSense® is a "SmartAI" Radar Sensor(s) for proximity detection around fixed or mobile plant. Integrated into our LSM Sentinel® VSS (int.pat.pend) Vehicle Safety System Technology can also provide AEB (Automatic Emergency Braking).

LSM RadarSense®
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LSM RadarSense®- Overview

LSM RadarSense® is one of LSM Technologies unique Australian designed OH&S mitigation controls that provide an array of "SmartAIRadar Sensors for Proximity Detection.

LSM RadarSense® can be utilised as Standalone mitigation control with visual / audible alerts only and data provided to the Operator via our LSM Sentinel® (pat. pend) In Cabin Display.

LSM RadarSense® or can also be "plugnplay" integrated into our LSM Sentinel® (pat.pend.) VSS Centralised Logic Controller (CLC).

LSM RadarSense® SmartAI Radar Sensor(s) are designed with state - of- the art radar technology and the latest automotive 77Ghz frequency (with many other features), to provide enhanced accuracy and reliability for detection of stationary and mobile objects and people.

LSM RadarSense® is the ultimate in Proximity Detection Technology that provide protection against potential V2P (Vehicle to People), V2V (Vehicle to Vehicle) and V2I (Vehicle to Infrastructure) interactions and conforms to ISO 5006 / 16001 Standards f. The Standards also state that to fully resolve visibility / "blind spot" issues, a Proximity Detection System must be augmented with a Camera System to provide a Driver / Operator with visibility.

Some of the applications we are developing for the LSM RadarSense® "Smart" Radar Sensors are:    

  • RadarSense® RearProtect: Proximity detection of Pedestrians,  Cyclists, Objects at slow (<6 kph) Reverse travel / speed / distance (eg 20 metres). 
  • RadarSense® FrontProtect: Proximity detection of Pedestrians Cyclists, Objects at slow (<6 kph) Forward travel / speed / distance (eg 20 metres).  
  • RadarSense® SideProtect: Proximity detection of Pedestrians, Cyclists, Objects slow speed / vehicle detection lane changing at highway speeds. 
  • RadarSense® HighSpeedProtect: Long distance (100 metres) detection to mitigate rear heavy vehicle collisions at highway speeds (eg 100 kph)
  • RadarSense® TrailerProtect: Trucks and Trailers with full "drop and hook" features.
  • RadarSense® SurroundProtectRadar Sensors can be "daisy-chained" to provide a virtual 360 Degree proximity detection around mobile or fixed plant. 
  • RadarSense® PowerlineProtect: Detection of overhead power lines- eg front lifter garbage trucks. 
  • And for sure, there are other proximity detection applications for our LSM RadarSense® "Smart" Radar System!     

Please note that: 

  • All of LSM RadarSense® applications can be provided with AEB (Automatic Emergency Braking). 
  • LSM RadarSense® also integrates into our FSM® Fleet Safety Manager + Tracking Telematics / Web Based System for alerting, reporting, analysis of events and proof of compliance.



See the animated video clip of LSM RadarSense® SmartAI Radar Proximity Detection Systems and how- it- works- do not forget to turn up the volume.

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What It Does

LSM RadarSense® SmartAI Radar Proximity  Detection safety mitigation device, simply plugs and plays into the LSM Sentinel® (pat.pend.) VSS Central Logic Controller.

LSM RadarSense® consists of SmartAI Radar Sensors to provide the driver with essential safety information about the vehicle’s surroundings. The highly flexible system can be expanded when necessary to incorporate the primary vehicle as well as any number of attached Trailers.

All Event Data is stored and can be downloaded via BT / Ethernet on return to the depot or immediately streamed to your dispatch / control centre as any event occurs, when connected to our  FSM Fleet Safety / Tracking Manager® Telematics system.

LSM RadarSense® SmartAI Radar Proximity Detection is one of the most advanced Radar Sensors in the world

A few specific advantages  / benefits are:

  • Conforms to ISO 5006 and ISO 16001 Standards.
  • Light weight (150 grams) and IP69 ingress protection class.
  • Compact with minimal footprint (80 x 60 12 mm).
  • 77 GHz frequency-latest automotive engineering standard.
  • Highly impact and vibration resistant with milled Aluminium support base.   
  • Conforms to IEC 60529, ISO 20653 and  ISO 16750-2.
  • Advances "noise" filtering improves accuracy and less false alarms. 
  • Fully programmable with "LSM Configurator" App.
Key Features

LSM RadarSense® SmartAI Radar Proximity  Detection has many features - just to name a few are:

  • Customisable / Programmable Detection Patterns.
  • Adjustable distance from 0.5- 100 metres.
  • Detection angle can be adjusted to ignore interfering structures.
  • Detection of moving and stationary objects, Distance and Height.
  • LSM Sentinel® ICD (In- Cabin Display) provides driver with visual and audible alerts 
  • Programmable Detection Zones
  • Override allows driver to get close to objects in controlled conditions.
  •  Multiple sensors can be “daisy-chained” via cable or bluetooth to provide 360° detection or to “drop and hook” when used with Trailers.
  • Provides audible and visual alerts to driver.
  • Emergency Braking can be applied in selected detection zone.
  • Built-in GPS tracking provides for speed, location, shut-off of Radar in ACMA designated sensitive areas (eg Military zones).
  • Records event data and can relay to FSM Fleet Safety / Tracking Manager® Telematics system.
  • Simply plugs and plays into the LSM Sentinel® (int.pat.pend.) VSS Central Logic Controller.
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FSM® Telematics Integration

LSM RadarSense® (int.pat. pend.) works hand in hand with LSM FSM® Fleet Safety Manager + Tracking Telematics System to provide real time data and alerts back to base, ensuring a proactive approach to enhance Workplace (and public) OH&S, Equipment Damage Control, Maintenance Cost-downs and Productivity

LSM FSM® is an in- house world first and Australian designed / developed SaaS software that allows users to be provided with more than just fleet tracking but also integration of LSM product technologies, that can be accessed via any internet connected PC or mobile device. 

LSM FSM® is an intuitive web browser interface with a single click access to fleet dashboards, customise reports, compliance tools as well as real time, user defined alerts. It is scalable from a single vehicle / asset up to thousands, providing immediate alerts as required via SMS and email, anywhere in the world- 24/7.

Australian designed and made- for Australian Industry.  

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