Federal Government Transport body calls for mandating TMSystems on Australian Heavy Vehicle Transport

In the discussion paper, tabled at a September 2023 meeting of the Vehicle Standards Consultative Committee in Canberra, the Federal Department of Infrastructure and Transport said it sees regulating TPMS (Tyre Monitoring Systems) technology as an opportunity to “improve safety, efficiency, and environmental outcomes in the heavy vehicle sector”.

In another Big Rigs news article (dd 21st Nov 2023), the federal government’s recently released discussion paper outlined that the benefits of mandating Tyre Pressure (and Temperature) Monitoring Systems (TPMS) is long overdue.

It was also pleasing to review the news article by the NHVIA (National Heavy Vehicle Industry Australia), where their Chief Technical Officer Adam Ritzinger also joined the meeting and supported the TMSystem initiative.

The Federal Department of Infrastructure and Transport are raising the prospect of mandating tyre pressure monitoring systems (TMS) that will fall in line with other Countries that have similar mandates in place since 2007, and specifically the European Union who have extended a TMSystem mandate to include Heavy Vehicles and Trailers from 2024.

LSM TyreGuard® TMSystems are not new but are a proven technology in use for >20 years, leading the way in safety mitigation in the prevention of catastrophic events such as wheel end fires, tyre blow outs, etc related to under - inflated tyres, locked brakes, failed bearings, etc.

For >12 years, LSM Technologies have sponsored and continue to contribute to many organisations, regulators and working groups and continue to offer our expertise, technical know-how and technology to mitigate OH&S issues experienced in Australian Transport and many other Heavy Industries.  

LSM TyreGuard® Tyre Monitoring Systems are integrated into the only Australian developed FSM® Fleet Safety Manager + Tracking Telematics solution for back- to- base reporting / compliance / data analysis.

Both our TyreGuard® MTR360 TMSystem and FSM® Fleet Safety Manager System are world's first technologies utilised in Australia for over a Decade by such On and Off Road Transport Operators as Woods TransportLCR GroupDrake Trailers.

Once again, proof that our TyreGuard® TMSystems® and FSM® Fleet Safety Manager + Tracking Telematics are able to "drive the distance" both On and Off the harshness of the Australian Roads.

LSM TyreGuard® are not only field proven for many years to be robust and reliable in the most arduous of operations but are also certified and tested to SAE J2848 / J1455 and for use on Dangerous Goods Transport.

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In- Cabin Monitor- full "Drop and Hook"
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Monitor Temp and Pressure for 8 x Tow Assets and 180 Tyres
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Mitgation of Wheel End / Tyre Fires
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FSM® Fleet Safety (Tracking) Manager Telematics