Federal Government Transport body calls for mandating TMSystems on Australian Heavy Vehicle Transport

In the discussion paper, tabled at a September 2023 meeting of the Vehicle Standards Consultative Committee in Canberra, the Federal Department of Infrastructure and Transport said it sees regulating TPMS (Tyre Monitoring Systems) technology as an opportunity to “improve safety, efficiency, and environmental outcomes in the heavy vehicle sector”.

In another Big Rigs news article (dd 21st Nov 2023), the federal government’s recently released discussion paper outlined that the benefits of mandating Tyre Pressure (and Temperature) Monitoring Systems (TPMS) is long overdue.

The news article reviewed highlighted the participation of Adam Ritzinger, Chief Technical Officer of the National Heavy Vehicle Industry Australia (NHVIA), in a meeting endorsing the TMSystem initiative.

The Federal Department of Infrastructure and Transport is considering the compulsory introduction of Tyre Monitoring Systems (TMS), aligning with similar international mandates. Notably, the European Union will extend this requirement to include heavy vehicles and trailers starting in 2024 / 2025.

An Australian Design Rule (ADR) is expected to be established following the UN ECE Regulation No. 141, to mandate TMSystems for all heavy vehicles on Australian roads. The Australian Government (Federal Department of Transport and Infrastructure), in line with and are a signatory of the UN 1958 Agreement and the 1998 Agreement Agreements, seeks to harmonise national vehicle safety standards with European  / International regulations.

LSM TyreGuard® TMSystems, a technology in use for over 20 years, has been at the forefront of safety, helping prevent critical incidents such as tyre blowouts, wheel- offs and wheel end fires, caused by issues like under-inflated tyres, locked brakes and failed bearings.

For over 12 years, LSM Technologies has sponsored and been actively contributing to various organisations and regulatory bodies, sharing their expertise in mitigating OH&S issues within the Australian transport sector and other heavy industries.

The LSM TyreGuard® Tyre Monitoring Systems are part of the uniquely Australian FSM® Fleet Safety Manager + Tracking Telematics solution, which facilitates back-to-base reporting, compliance, and data analysis.

Both TyreGuard® MTR360 TMSystem and FSM® Fleet Safety Manager System represent pioneering technologies in Australia, utilised for over a decade by major transport operators like Woods Transport, LCR Group, and Drake Trailers.

This underscores the resilience and reliability of the TyreGuard® TMSystems® and FSM® Fleet Safety Manager + Tracking Telematics systems in managing the demands of Australian roads.

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In- Cabin Monitor- full "Drop and Hook"
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Monitor Temp and Pressure for 8 x Tow Assets and 180 Tyres
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Mitgation of Wheel End / Tyre Fires
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