Whitepaper: I can See Clearly now- the "Blind Spot" is Gone- ISO 5006 / 16001 Compliance

Published Tuesday 18 Jul, 2017 by Peter Woodford

Vehicle to Vehicle (V2V), Vehicle to Person (V2P) and Vehicle to Infrastructure (V2I) interactions are still one of the most significant OH&S mitigation challenges facing many Industries where vehicles, infrastructure and people interact.

In Queensland Mining / Quarrying, more than 23% of HPI Hazards are related to Vehicles as reported by the Department of Natural Resources and Mines. According to a recent report of a Loader Reversing over a Light Vehicle Incident (Safety Alert No 342 dated June 2017) by the Queensland DNRM): “Vehicle interactions are the second highest cause of serious accidents and high potential incidents in Queensland mineral mines and quarries".

Thousands of Vehicular interactions (in all Industries) occur each year with many resulting in Injury and Fatality- not just in Mining / Quarrying but in industries such as Cranes, Ports, Forklifts, Transport (On / Off Road), Road Construction, Waste Vehicles, etc and predominately a result of restricted Operator / Driver Visibility.

The ISO 5006 (16001) Standards for Earthmoving Equipment- Operators Visibility was established over >20 years and made a full Standard in 2006.

The ISO 5006 clearly states: “The purpose of this International Standard is to address operator’s visibility in such a manner that the operator can see around the machine (360 deg) to enable proper, effective and safe operation that can be quantified in objective engineering terms".

Hyperlinks to references Statistics, Reports, Standards, Guidelines, Organisations, etc are embedded in the whitepaper for substantiation.

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