LSM Technologies IP developments receive Australian Made registration

LSM Technologies are proud to have earned the right to display the Australian Made and Owned logo for new world first technologies we have designed and developed.

LSM Technologies are proud to have earned the right to display the Australian Made and Owned logo for technologies we have designed and developed.

For nearly 2 x decades LSM Technologies has maintained strong and long- term relationships with overseas manufacturers of specialised technologies that are not made here in Australia.

However, LSM Technologies also has its own in- house Engineering and Product Development Team made up of Software, Firmware, Mechanical and Electronics Engineers.

This specialised team have two (2) primary focuses:

  • Customisation / Adaption: provide added value support solutions to enhance our overseas technology partners products that we represent to adapt to Australian applications and operating conditions.
  • Australia Made: design, develop and produce worlds first technologies that are designed / made here in Australia- for Australia- to Drive Australian Industry. Also, to capture export markets to contribute to our Australian economy.  

Subsequently, LSM Technologies has developed its own Intellectual Property with protection via Australian and International Copywrite, Trademark Registrations and also Patents (pending).

Please click on the below button to see details of LSM Technologies IP and the specialised products that have been approved  and are privileged to carry the Australia Made recognition logo.  

LSM Technologies enhancing: Workplace OH&S + Equipment Damage Control + Productivity.

LSM Australia Made IP/ Trademarks / Patents
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