Kleenheat (Wesfarmers) Tests / Certifies LSM Technologies TM Systems for Dangerous Goods Transport

Published Saturday 7 Jan, 2017 by Peter Woodford

LSM Technologies are to our knowledge the first and only Tyre Monitoring System technology in Australia / World extensively tested and certified for use on Dangerous Goods Transport Vehicles by one of Australia's leading Dangerous Goods Transport Carriers- Kleenheat Australia.

A comprehensive Risk Assessment process was implemented by Kleenheat which included the use of an external Safety Consultant company and the Wesfarmers Chemicals,Energy and Fertilisers Safety Process Team culminating in approval for access to the gas loading bays with a number of risk mitigations applied.

Kleenheat has progressed with the purchase of a number of complete gas tanker pocket road train LSM Technology systems, and we look forward to improved economics and risk reduction in the distribution of LNG and LPG throughout WA and NT.

Kleenheat are also to use our FSM- Fleet Safety Management System web based Reporting / Event Recording / Analysis System Technology with Telematics integration.

Our TM System technology is also used by other Dangerous Goods Vehicles such as Platinum Blasting-for their MPU Units see this link to our news article and Platinum's web site announcement and others so as to mitigate Tyre and Wheel Well issues (locked brakes / bearings) with potential catastrophic failure, fires and roll overs.

Please review the complete Kleenheat Letter attached above.

LSM Technologies are proud to be their selected technology and service provider.

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