MTR360 Multi- Tow TMS System continues to save LCR Group Heavy Haulage Fleet

Published Tuesday 10 Sep, 2013 by Peter Woodford

LCR Group have continued to roll- out LSM Technologies MTR360 TPMSystems on their Heavy Haulage Fleets having achieved upto 120,000 kms already without issue.

Further to our news article LCR Group rolls- out LSM Technologies MTR360 (Multi- Tow) Tyre Pressure / Temperature Monitoring Systems dd April 2013 the LCR Group have continued to roll- out LSM Technologies  MTR360 TPMSystems on their Heavy Haulage Fleets, having achieved upto 120,000 kms to date without issue.

The new MTR360 TPMS (Tyre Pressure / Temperature Monitoring System) is now running on two LCR Sites with great results and has proven to be reliable and durable in such harsh operating conditions.

The Project Managers at two sites, Peter and Mick, have offered their views of the MTR360 TPMS and SafetyTrax Systems:
Peter says: "The new MTR360 TPMS provides an awareness of tyre pressure and temperatures we never had before. It has been invaluable and has already saved us a number of tyres (and rims)".

"When the system indicates a tyre pressure issue in the truck display or via the LSM Technologies SafetyTrax On-line Reporting System, we can immediately act to fix the problem and prevent a catastrophic tyre failure, which is much better and cheaper than replacing destroyed tyres and rims"
The LSM Technologies FSM- Fleet Safety Management On-line Reporting  / Trending and  Alerting System has delivered major benefits for their Truck / Trailer operations.

Project Manager Mick says "The LSM Technologies SafetyTrax On-line  System Reports allow us to perform pressure checks and maintain accurate records automatically, which saves us a lot of labour time.  We receive an automatic TPMS report via email with current and historical tyre pressure and temperature information which is kept as part of our records".  

LSM Technologies MTR360 TPMSystem combined with SafetyTrax Web Based Trending / Reporting / Alerting System provides:

  • Increased Safety: Avoids catastrophic tyre failure, tyre fires and potential accidents- especially with the "fast leak" alert warning and tyre temperature monitoring. Also optimum set- point pressures provides better Rig handling, control and braking.
  • Tyre Service Life / Fuel Economy: Maintaining optimum set- point pressures through SafetyTrax monitoring means tyres last longer and optimises fuel economy. 
  • Cost downs / Productivity: Checking of 64 tyres on reach Rig would cost at least 2 hours of labour. Using the SafetyTrax Web Based System, tyres that require attention can be identified and targeted for re- pressurisation, saving enormous costs and increased production time.
  • Damage Control: Tyre fires, catastrophic failure are enormous costs-  not just for the tyres, but also for the rims, the vehicle and also lost time for incident reporting and repairs.   
  • Recording / Trending / Alerting: The MTR360 provides the Operator with immediate notification of High Pressure, Low Pressure, Fast leak, High Temperatures so that they can take the appropriate corrective action during operation.  With the SafetyTrax Web Based Monitoring, all such alerts are recorded and can be sent via email or SMS. In addition, records of Tyre condition can be provide to site personnel / customers as safety validation. Trending of historical data provides extensive analysis on tyre condition, pressures and temperatures. 

LSM Technologies MTR360 TPMS and FSM System has the capability to monitoring both Pressures and Temperatures for the Prime- Mover and upto 8 x Trailer / Dolly's with a combination of upto 180 Tyres.

LSM Technologies On-line / Web Based SafetyTrax Monitoring / Reporting / Trending System provides live Pressure / Temperature monitoring, recording, reporting and alarm notification capabilities.

The MTR360 TPMS / SafetyTrax Systems are the perfect safety / cost- down solution for:

  • On- Road Transport Fleets of Trucks and Trailers.
  • Load Loaders with large numbers of Tyres.
  • Off- Road Heavy Haulage Fleets.

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