LCR Group rolls- out LSM Technologies TyreGuard® MTR (Multi- Tow) Tyre Pressure / Temperature Monitoring Systems

LSM Technologies have recently installed the very latest TyreGuard® MTR360 Multi-Trailer Tyre Monitoring Systems (TMS) with LSM FSM® Fleet Safety (Tracking) Manager Telematics on LCR Mining Group's Heavy Haulage Fleet.

After R&D of nearly 12 months and successful evaluation over the past 5 months, LCR Group (now Cube Bulk Logistics) is rolling out LSM TyreGuard® MTR360 Multi-Trailer Combination Tyre Monitoring Systems (TMSystems).

In addition, LCR Group are using LSM FSM® Fleet Safety (Tracking) Manager Telematics for back to base / dispatch on-line reporting of the Tyre  / Wheel conditions of the entire Off Road Heavy Haulage Fleet.

LSM Technologies were selected to provide a suitably durable and functional TPMS with the aim of prolonging tyre life and reducing safety risks associated with tyre maintenance

LSM Technologies TyreGuard® MTR360 TMSystem has the capability to monitoring both Pressure and Temperature for the Prime- Movers and up to 8 x Trailer / Dolly's with a combination of upto 180 Tyres.

The TyreGuard® MTR360 TMSystems is the perfect safety solution for:

  • On- Road Transport Fleets of Trucks and Trailers.
  • Load Loaders with large numbers of Tyres.  
  • Off- Road Heavy Haulage Fleets.

General Manager, Peter Koschel said:

"The LSM  TyreGuard® Multi-Trailer TMS provides major benefits to our operations and an effective means of tyre pressure management. The TMSystem allows accurate real-time monitoring of tyre pressures and temperatures during haulage operations".

Mr Koschel continued:

"Maintaining the correct tyre inflation pressures is critical for our haulage operations and for prolonging tyre life".  LSM Technologies MTR 360 Multi-Tow System will significantly reduce the safety risk associated with tyre pressure checking, extend tyre service life, fuel economy and reduce operating and maintenance costs".
LSM Technologies Telemetry / Web Based FSM- Fleet Safety Management System interface provides live Pressure / Temperature  monitoring, recording, reporting and alarm notification capabilities. 

This means one can quickly and safely check tyre pressures before, during and after each haulage movement.

Also, using the LSM Technologies / TyreGuard® SmartTool the TyreGuard® MTR360 can easily program the entire TMSystem as well as be used for quick maintains by simply pointing the device at the Prime- Mover or each Tow Vehicle to instantly see the Tyre Pressure and Temperature conditions.

LCR 800 x 001.jpg
LCR Group GM- Peter Koschel
LCR 800 x 002.jpg
Off Road Train with 62 x Tyres / Wheels
LCR 800 x 004.jpg
IP68 RF Transceiver for each Assett
2022- High Temp- Labelled.png
In- Cabin Monitor / Display
LCR 800 x 007.jpg
View of FMS® Fleet Safety (Tracking) Manager web reporting