LSM EnviroCab® Quality Air Environmental Monitoring System

LSM EnviroCab® Environmental Air Quality Monitoring System compliments our LSM EncloseAir® (int.pat.pend.) and is utilised for monitoring environmental conditions within Cabins of Fixed and Mobile Plant. The system monitors various environmental air quality parameters including temperature, humidity, CO2 levels, O2 levels, airborne particulate exposure, and cabin pressurisation. This comprehensive monitoring ensures that the operator's environment is safe and comfortable.

Some of the features of the LSM EnviroCab® are that the system can: 

  • Modular Sensor Array: With its modular sensor array, the LSM EnviroCab® can be customised to monitor other additional air quality conditions by adding different sensors to the CanBus array. This flexibility allows for the monitoring of exposure to harmful gases and other specific air quality parameters.
  • Alerting  / LSM Sentinel®: Provides audible and visual alerts to the operator / occupants if allowable limits are exceeded via the LSM Sentinel® (int.pat.pend) VSS In- Cabin Display. This provides immediate feedback that helps the operator take necessary actions to address any issue.
  • Data Transmission and Recording: The system has the capability to transmit data to remote back-to-base reporting via the LSM FSM® Fleet Safety Tracking Manager web-based portal. Additionally, LSM EnviroCab® records event data, providing valuable insights for analysis and improvement.
  • Compliance with Standards: The LSM EnviroCab® complies with AS / NZS ISO 23875 Standards- for air quality control systems for operator enclosures, ensuring that it meets performance requirements and test methods set forth by industry standards.

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