EncloseAir® (int.pat.pend) Cabin & Enclosure Pressuriser + LSM EngineCare® Filtration Systems

EncloseAir® (int.pat.pend) Cabin & Enclosure Pressuriser + LSM EngineCare® Filtration Systems

EncloseAir® (int.pat.pend) Cabin & Enclosure Pressuriser + LSM EngineCare® Filtration Systems are the solution for Cabin + Enclosure Pressurisers / Air Filtration of Fixed and Mobile Cabins, as well as for Engine Filtration.

EncloseAir® (int.pat.pend) Cabin & Enclosure Pressuriser + LSM EngineCare® Filtration Systems
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LSM Technologies / History / Expertise

It's evident that LSM Technologies has been a pioneering force in the development and implementation of Cabin Pressurisation and Filtration solutions for Fixed and Mobile Plant, particularly in hazardous environments such as mining, quarrying, and extraction industries. By working closely with Regulatory bodies and Industry partners, LSM has not only met but exceeded health and safety standards, thus solidifying its position as an industry leader.

Key points highlighted in the provided information include:

Early Adoption and Innovation: LSM was the first supplier in Australia, and even globally, to provide compliant Cabin Pressurisation and Filtration technology to various industries, including mining, quarrying, and even recreational (Caravan) users.

Technology Advancement and Compliance: The company is committed to leveraging advanced technologies to ensure its products not only meet but surpass the latest Australian and International health and safety standards.

Standard Development and Contribution: LSM has played a significant role in the development of OH&S Standards and Guidelines, as well as associated mitigation technologies. Concepts and findings from LSM have influenced standards such as ISO 23875, demonstrating the company's thought leadership and commitment to industry-wide OH&S improvements.

Impact on Worker Health: By keeping dangerous materials out of Cabin environments, LSM's solutions protect operators from exposure, ensuring their well-being and reducing the risk of chronic health conditions, particularly related to dust exposure.

Regulatory Influence: LSM's activities have likely contributed to the development of Regulatory Standards such as Queensland Recognised Standard 20 and other guidelines addressing dust control in the Workplace.

Industry Leadership: LSM Technologies has positioned itself as an industry leader through its contributions to technology, standards development, and practical solutions for improving worker safety in Enclosed Cabin Environments.

Overall, LSM Technologies is proud to continue to make significant strides in enhancing workplace OH&S through innovative Cabin Pressurisation and Filtration solutions and active participation in the development of industry Standards and Guidelines that provide their clients with enhanced Workplace Safety + Health, Maintenance Cost - downs, Equipment Damage Control and Productivity.

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Industry / Applications

LSM EncloseAir® (int.pat.pend.) Australian designed and developed technology that goes beyond that of conventional Cabin Pressurisers / Filtration Systems to provide a clean, dust - free air supply that is fully compliant to OH&S Standards.

LSM EncloseAir® (int.pat.pend.) will deliver extensive cost downs, increased service life and performance of your HVAC system in both Fixed and Mobile Plant operating in any Industry.

Cabins of Mobile and Fixed Plant: These cabins contain operators or occupants and are mounted on mobile or fixed plant subjected to harsh outdoor conditions like moisture, vibration, and high temperatures. This application is crucial in industries such as mining / earthmoving / construction / cement, etc, where compliance with Australian Standards and ISO 23875 is necessary to ensure safety and efficiency.

Electrical and Other Enclosures: These enclosures, unlike cabins, do not contain operators or occupants but are still mounted on mobile or fixed plant subjected to severe environmental conditions. Again, this application is common in industries like mining where compliance with standards and protection of electrical components is essential.

Engine Air Intake Filtration Systems: These systems are mounted before the factory-fitted Radial Engine Filter Housing of mobile plant. They're designed to withstand outdoor conditions and are vital for maintaining the performance and longevity of engines, particularly in harsh environments like those found in mining operations.

Industry / Applications

Each application serves a specific purpose in ensuring the safety, efficiency, and longevity of equipment and protection of occupants in cabins / enclosures for fixed / mobile plant used in demanding industrial settings like:

  • Mining, Cement, Earthmoving Equipment.
  • Trucks and other Heavy Vehicles (Buses, Service vehicles).
  • Industry Sweepers.
  • Agricultural Vehicles.
  • Drilling / Blasting  
  • Electrical Enclosures for Fixed plant and Mobile Crushers.
  • Operator Control Rooms.
  • Maintenance Dongas.
  • Toolboxes.
  • Alternators.
  • Even Camper & Caravan applications.

So really - any application where you want to keep the dust out! 

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OH&S Mitigation + Compliance

RCS (Respirable Crystalline Silica) is found at varying levels in all dusts, especially within the Mining, Quarrying, Construction, Agriculture, Cement, Crushing and Earthmoving Industries. However, compliance is not just about exposure to RCS but also providing protection against other harmful types of contamination "nasties" such as asbestos, nickel, alumina, coal, iron ore, pesticides, herbicides, etc. DPM (Diesel Particulate Matter) exposure is also a major concern and, according to the ACS (American Cancer Society) and SafeWork Australia and is a Class1 Carcinogen

A major misconception is Enclosed Cabins on Fixed and Mobile Plant protect the Operator / Occupants against these harmful substances. In fact, concentration of contamination can be worse within the Cabin and can even far exceed the outside air quality.

Australian and International Standards (eg ISO 23875) require that all Enclosed Cabins must be equipped with Cabin Pressuriser / Filtration Systems and that they are configured to comply with:

  • External Air Filtration: HEPA >H13 / H35 filtration class according to EN1822 / ISO 29463.
  • External Air Filtration unit must provide fresh air to the HVAC Evaporator Plenum and must not be connected to the Cabin so as ambient air temperature is directly applied to occupants.
  • Recirculation Air Filtration: HEPA >H13 / H35 filtration class according to EN1822 /  ISO 29463.
  • Exposure Levels: Cabin is to be periodically tested to ensure that occupant exposure levels are maintained at <0.05mg / m3 TWA for an 8-hour shift and 0.025 mg / m3 for a 12-hour shift (e.g. to Brief and Scala calculation). The definition of HEPA to Australian Standards (refer AS 4260–1997) is to provide an arrestance of particulate size >0.3 micron at 99.97% efficiency.
  • Co2 Concentration: Maintain safe levels of Co2 below 700ppm (AIRHA) - excessive Co2 causes premature fatigue, lack of concentration, microsleeps, etc.
  • Cabin Pressurisation:  Cabin pressurisation >20-50 pascal with the HVAC turned off and must not exceed 200 pascals.
  • In- Cabin monitoring / Warning Device:  So a Cabin Pressurisation and Co2 levels are monitored with alerts / warnings of exceedance.
  • Life Cycle Testing / Compliance Checks: Conduct routine performance testing of the air quality control system throughout the lifecycle of the Cabin to maintain compliance. Testing cab pressure, CO2 concentration & External  + Recirculation filtration effectiveness at machine service intervals.
OH&S Standards + Guidelines
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LSM EncloseAir®- How It works

The LSM EncloseAir® (int.pat.pend.) is an Air Precleaner + Filtration + Pressuriser (PFP) System that goes beyond that of other Cabin Pressurisers and Filtration Units in the market.

The concept of our LSM EncloseAir® has been developed from LSM Technologies >1.5 decades of proven in-field technical know how, understanding of compliance and experience as to what will provide the best outcomes to protect our customers workers.

So and how does the LSM EncloseAir® (int.pat.pend.) PFP technology work? 

  • Step A: Fresh air and debris are pulled into the powered Housing.
  • Step B: Using standard centrifugal operation, the debris laden air is circulated between the Inner and Outer Housing sections.
  • Step C: Heavier than air debris is centrifuged to the Outer Housing wall.
  • Step D: Where the LSM EncloseAir®  is an External Air Filtration configuration, then centrifuged debris is ejected to atmosphere. .
  • Step E: The precleaned air is then filtered to compliance.
  • Step F: Pre - cleaned, filtered air is then delivered to the machine's HVAC system and to the Cabin by the powered LSM EncloseAir® unit. Positive Cabin / Enclosure is also established. 

LSM EncloseAir® Cabin Pressuriser + Filtration Units comes as a complete stand - alone motorised unit and can be configured by simply repositioning the patented Housing Slide to provide as either:

  • External Air Precleaner + Pressuriser + Filtration Unit.
  • Recirculation Air Filtration Unit.

LSM EncloseAir® has been designed to exceed the ISO 23785.

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Key Features / Benefits

The LSM EncloseAir® (int.pat.pend.) is an Air Precleaner + Filtration + Pressuriser (PFP) System that goes beyond that of other Cabin Pressurisers and Filtration Units in the market and provides for optimising the entire Cabin Environmental Conditions.

The LSM EncloseAir® filtration system boasts several key advantages over other systems:

Single Filter Element 

  • Compared to other filtration systems, the LSM EncloseAir® only requires 1 x Filter Element:  
  • So only 1 x Filter Element is required to be stocked.
  • Negates the possibility of incorrectly fitting of the correct Filter Element which can cause premature loading / replacement of the Filter Element (expensive) and / or depressurise the Cabin, expose the occupants of the Cabin to harmful contamination. 

Simple Conversion 

  • Apart from using the same Filter Element, the two configurations (External and Recirculation Air Filtration) are the same.
  • Conversion of an External Air unit to a Recirculation unit only requires that the Raincap be replaced by a Recirculation Spigot. 
  • The Ejection Ports at the end of the housing are Closed for a Recirculation Filtration Unit or are Open for an External Filtration + Pressuriser Unit.

Small Footprint

  • Mounting options for a PFP system are generally constrained by available space - especially on small machines.
  • More importantly, other filtration systems require extensive clearance to exchange the Filter Element.
  • LSM EncloseAir® units have a small footprint, require less mounting hardware. 
  • Other filtration systems require the full length of the Filter Element to allow extraction (>400-500mm) for replacement.
  • Whereas the LSM EncloseAir® patented design allows for the whole Filter Housing and Filter Element can be removed by unclipping the over - centre spring clips and rotating the filter approximately 15 degrees to disengage. 

Filter Compliance Protection

  • A combination of mechanical and electromagnetic / electronic sensor interlocks are incorporated into the LSM EncloseAir® to ensure that the correct and compliant Filter Element is utilised to ensure maximum protection of the Cabin occupants.
  • The Filter Elements are fitted with a patented Interlock that allows positive placement by simply rotating slightly (15 degrees), which will in turn lock the Filter Element into the optimum sealing position.  
  • In addition, the Sensors in the Filter Element communicate with a corresponding Sensor in the LSM EncloseAir® Housing that will not allow the EncloseAir® Motor to engage
  • In this way, only proper placement / sealing and compliant LSM EncloseAir® Filter Element will facilitate Motor Switching and if not, send an Alert to the Operator via the LSM EnviroCab® Monitoring System.

Compliance  / Telemetry Data

The LSM EncloseAir® and LSM EnviroCab® systems can communicate with the LSM FSM® Fleet Safety (Tracking) Telemetry System, facilitating recording, alerting, reporting, and performance / compliance validation.

These features collectively make the LSM EncloseAir® a robust and user-friendly filtration solution for various applications, offering efficiency, safety, and compliance benefits.

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LSM EnviroCab®- In Cabin Enviromental Monitoring

LSM EnviroCab® Environmental Air Quality Monitoring System compliments our LSM EncloseAir® (int.pat.pend.) and is utilised for monitoring environmental conditions within Cabins of Fixed and Mobile Plant.

  • Comprehensive Monitoring: The system monitors various environmental air quality parameters including temperature, humidity, CO2 levels, O2 levels, airborne particulate exposure, and cabin pressurisation. This comprehensive monitoring ensures that the operator's environment is safe and comfortable.

  • Modular Sensor Array: With its modular sensor array, the LSM EnviroCab® can be customised to monitor additional air quality conditions by adding different sensors to the Can Bus array. This flexibility allows for the monitoring of exposure to harmful gases and other specific air quality parameters.

  • Integration with LSM EncloseAir®: The system can monitor and report on the operations and functions of LSM EncloseAir®.

  • Alerting  / LSM Sentinel®: The LSM EnviroCab® provides audible and visual alerts to the operator / occupants if allowable limits are exceeded via the LSM Sentinel® (int.pat.pend) VSS In- Cabin Display. This immediate feedback helps the operator take necessary actions to address any issues.

  • Data Transmission and Recording: The system has the capability to transmit data to remote back-to-base reporting via the LSM FSM® Fleet Safety Tracking Manager web-based portal. Additionally, it records event data, providing valuable insights for analysis and improvement.

  • Compliance with Standards: The LSM EnviroCab® complies with ISO 23875 Standards-  for air quality control systems for operator enclosures, ensuring that it meets performance requirements and test methods set forth by industry standards.

  • Integration with FSM Fleet Safety Manager®: The system integrates with the LSM FSM Fleet Safety Tracking Manager®, providing a seamless solution for overall fleet safety management and monitoring.

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Overall, the LSM EnviroCab® offers a robust solution for monitoring and ensuring the safety, comfort, and compliance of vehicle operators in various cabin environments. Its modular design, comprehensive monitoring capabilities, and integration with other systems make it a valuable tool for fleet management and safety.


LSM EncloseAir® (in. pat. pend.) and the LSM EnviroCab® works hand- in- hand with LSM FSM® Fleet Safety Manager + Tracking Telematics System to provide real-time data and alerts back to base, ensuring a proactive approach to enhance Workplace (and public) OH&S, Equipment Damage Control, Maintenance Cost-downs and Productivity

LSM FSM® is an in- house world first and Australian designed / developed SaaS software that allows users to be provided with more than just fleet tracking but also integration of LSM product technologies, that can be accessed via any internet-connected PC or mobile device. 

LSM FSM® is an intuitive web browser interface with a single click access to fleet dashboards, customise reports, compliance tools as well as real time, user-defined alerts. It is scalable from a single vehicle / asset up to thousands, providing immediate alerts as required via SMS and email, anywhere in the world- 24/7.

Australian designed and made

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