QCABAIR® (pat.pend) Solves Particulate Exposure & HVAC failures on Hitachi EX- 3600 Shovels

Published Wednesday 15 Nov, 2017 by Ben Wood

Like any Mining / Earthmoving Equipment, Excavators / Shovels are notorious for operating in severe Particulate conditions with frequent failure of the Air- conditioning System. In addition, inundation of the Operators Cabin and exposure is a real concern.

The solution- a QCABAIR® (pat.pend) Cabin Pressuriser / Filtration Core Connection Mixing Plenum are fitted to the Operators Cabin of the EX3600 Shovel

The only Cabin Pressuriser / Filtration Technology (RESPA®) field tested and certified to be compliant to Airborne Particulate and Fibre Exposure by an Australian OH&S Regulator- Queensland Mines Inspectorate (DNRM) and NIOSH (National Institute of Occupational Health and Safety)- USA.

LSM Technologies provided complete Engineering Design (OH&S RA Analysis, Mounting, etc), OH Certification, Installation and Commissioning of the QCABAIR® (pat.pend) Cabin Pressuriser / Filtration Core Connection Mixing Plenum using our HEPA H13 (EN1822) Filter Element technology providing:

  • Robust & fit- for- purpose Technology with 30,000 hours Warranty.
  • The highest protection of the Operator / Occupants from Airborne Particulate and Fibre Exposure. All QCABAIR® (pat.pend) plenum are DOP Tested and Certified HEPA +H13 EN1822 prior to leaving our workshop.
  • Rapid Filtration of Recirculation Air.
  • Optimum Cabin Pressurisation.
  • Maximum Air- flow to offset Co2 Concentration to avoid the effects of Fatigue / Drowsiness / Acidosis.
  • Longest Filter Element service life of any other Filtration unit in the market place due the the unique RESPA® Units Patented Precleaner Technology.
  • Maximum HVAC thermal comfort for Operator and elimination of HVAC premature HVAC failures.
  • LSM designed Control Annunciator Unit for indicating RESPA or Blower Failure. 
  • The ICPSensor (In- Cabin Pressure Sensor integrates into our FSM®- Fleet Safety Management Tracking System  back- to- base telemetry system with full SMS / Email Alerts, Trending Data, Analysis, Compliance and Reporting. 

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LSM Technologies providing- QCABAIR® (pat.pend) Cabin Pressuriser / Filtration Core Connection Mixing Plenum- Clean Air for Man & Machine.

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