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LSM Technologies Q-CABAIR™ Quality Cabin Environmental Air System combines the Sy-Klone RESPA® External and Recirculation Air units to provide a compact Cabin Filtration & Pressurisation System that ensures your Cabin Environment is compliant to OH&S Standards.

LSM Technologies Q-CABAIR™ is a connection box that combines the Sy- Klone RESPA® units to mix the filtered External and Recirculation Air in a single compact mounting system that provides for optimising the entire Cabin Environmental Conditions such as:

  • Operator Health and Compliance to Airborne Particulate / Fibre Exposure.
  • Optimum Thermal Comfort for the occupants.
  • Correct Air flow for exhaust Air Flow to off- set Co2 concentration (especially for multiple occupants).
  • Optimum Cabin Pressure of 80- 150 pascal.
  • Maximum Filter Service Life.
  • Highest Recirculation Air Filtration of entrapped contamination. 
  • Optional High Ambient HVAC Unit.

In addition, our Q-CABAIR™ connection box can be monitored via your Telemetry System.

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