EPA releases Preventing fires- Truck Inspection Manual

The NSW Environmental Protection Authority supports ARTSA-i findings (funded by the NHVSI fund and LSM) that more can be done to mitigate Heavy Vehicle fires on Australian Roads.

Considering the EU Mandate and other countries mandating TMSystems for heavy vehicles (and trailers), it begs to question why this proven mitigation technology is not more widely utilised and mandated in Australia for our On- Road Heavy Vehicle Industry?

The Final Report for the NHVR on the Truck Fires Program 2022 conducted by ARTSA Institute, National Bulk Tanker Association and the Truck Industry Council found that >200 Truck fires occur each year in NSW alone, of which 33% (NTI / NARC Report) come from the Wheel Well / Tyres.

In fact, ARTSA estimated that it is likely that the real number could be almost twice that number and that it is likely, on average, there is at least one of these events every day of the year.

Further to a recent article in the Australian Transport News Truck fires in crosshairs of new EPA guide, there is a lot of debate as to when Heavy transport will mandate TMSystems like many other countries that acknowledge the proven economical and safety benefits.

The new Preventing Fires-Truck Inspection Manual by the NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA) Fires-Truck Inspection Manual by the NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA) aims to give truck drivers the inspection skills to identify and correct faults that have the potential to cause heavy vehicle fires that could endanger lives, livelihoods, and the environment.

“Truck fires are major incidents that can be extremely dangerous and result in smoke and water pollution, cargo loss, and extended road closures,” said Karen Marler, EPA Director of Environmental Solutions.

Also, Governments are now endeavouring to recover costs associated with traffic delays, emergency response, clean - up, road repairs, etc- see News 9 article $8 million lawsuit launched after truck explosion that injured eight in 2019. 

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