TMSystem could have averted Truck / Tanker Fire- SA / WA Route

Virtually every day we experience a Heavy Vehicle fire in Australia and in a lot of these cases the cause is from the Wheel Well and involves DG Trucks / Trailers. Once again, it proves that the use of a SAE J2848 & J1455 certified fit- for- purpose Tyre Monitoring System (TMSystems) could mitigate / avert such  catastrophic events.

The Truck and their Trailers were engulfed by fire on Eyre Highway on the SA-WA road freight border and reported on the News 9 site- see this link and the cause of the fire was from the Tyre Wheel Well as a result of Locked Brakes.

Truck and Trailer Fires are on the rise with numerous incidents highlighting the dangers and the need for Tyre Monitoring System mitigation controls to be implemented on all Heavy Road Vehicles.

Qualified and certified TMSystems not only monitor and alert the Driver to incorrect Tyre Inflation Pressures, but also provide for High Temperature Alarm if the Wheel  Rim temperature increases by >80 degC.

Truck and Trailer fires cause massive and expensive loss of assets, trailer loads, traffic flow restrictions, costs for emergency services, recovery, road / bridge damage, bush, vehicle and property fires and with other potential catastrophic consequences / ramifications.

As we have provided in other LSM many related news articles over the past 10 years, many heavy industrial industries and OH&S Authorities / Regulators have already changed their Tyre Management Guidelines / Standards to include TMSystems.

Even Internationally (USA, Japan, Korea, EU), TMSystem have been mandated / legislated TMSystem for the Passenger and Light Trucks.

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