Cable Reeler uses LSM SafetyViewDetect® Camera Viewing / Proximity Detection solution

Published Monday 26 Feb, 2007 by Peter Woodford

Yet another specialised application satisfied with the installation of our LSM SafetyViewDetect® Camera / Proximity Detection solutions on a Cable Reeler Truck to enhance Driver visibility.

LSM SafetyViewDetect® Camera / Proximity Detection solution consisted of 2 x Colour Compact Cameras (CCCameras) mounted on Cable Reel Truck utilised at a QLD Mine Site.

The Cameras are located, one at the Rear of the truck and another overlooking the Cable Reel itself.

The location of the CCCameras provides the driver / operator with a clear view of:

  • Rear of the vehicle when reversing the truck.
  • Monitoring of the Cable Reel when releasing / taking up of the Cable.

The use of LSM SafetyViewDetect® Camera / Proximity Detection solution also provide for viewing of blind areas around the vehicle, eliminates damage to the cable and vehicle, increases productivity an as well- increased safety.

Of course- LSM SafetyViewDetect® Camera / Proximity Detection solutions standard warranty of three (3) year or 20,000 operating hours applies. 

LSM Technologies enhancing: Safety + Equipment Damage Control + Productivity.