Mobile Cranes- Pyrolysis / Fires and Exploding Tyres

Published Sunday 8 Jul, 2018 by Peter Woodford

CICA (Crane Industry Council of Australia) Vic / Tas Branch has released a Crane Safety Bulletin # 235 June 2018 in regards to concerns relating to Tyre Fires, Pyrolysis and Explosions.

Many are aware of Tyre Pyrolysis, its causes and how a robust Tyre Monitoring Systems can prevent / predicting such potential events.

Other than external effects (eg lightening strike), the most common causes for Over- Temperature of Tyres are:

  • A combination of exceeded tyre specifications- Speed / Load.
  • Under- Pressurisation.
  • Over use and / or locked Brakes.
  • A combination of the above.

Amoungst other warnings / tyre condition monitoring, a qualified and robust Tyre Monitoring System can provide alarms and notification of Tyre:

  • Over Pressure +25% over Set- point.
  • Over Temperature- >80 DegC.

CICA refers to Department of Natural Resources and Mines (DNRM) which released their updated "Recognised Standard 13 Tyre, Wheel and Rim Management-  November 2016".

In addition, the  Department of Mines & Petroleum also released their new Tyre Safety Guidelines- Tyre Monitoring Systems 10-Sep-15.

Both of these Standards / Guidelines advocate the use of Tyre Monitoring Systems to monitor Tyre Pyrolysis (Fires, etc).

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