In-Cab TMSystem for Heavy Haulage Float Trailers- upto 180 tyres!

Published Sunday 5 Jun, 2016 by Peter Woodford

Due to the large number of wheels and tyres on On and Off Heavy Haulage Float Trailers, managing tyre pressures can be a very time consuming and dangerous undertaking. Often just physically accessing the inside wheels on a large Float Trailer is nigh impossible, particularly when loaded.  Moreover, it can take literally 4+ hours to check and record the pressures on a 64 Wheel Float Trailer (and 12 x Wheel PMover). 

Heavy Haulage Operators will generally check for tyre damage and tyre pressures prior to haulage movements, however this is not always possible and consequently costly blow-outs, equipment damage, potential tyre fire and haulage downtime occurs. 

The answer is LSM Technologies  MTR360 Wireless Tyre Monitoring System (TMSystem) to monitor all tyre Pressure and Temperature on the Truck and Trailer Tyres, with the capacity to monitor any Trailer configuration (up to 180 Tyres) simultaneously in real-time in the Operator Cabin, with the walk- around SmartLink Wireless Table device or using our  FSM System System. 

For more information how LSM Technologies can assist you with the latest in TMSystem Solutions:

LSM Technologies have recently fitted our MTR360 Wireless Tyre Monitoring System to a Drake 64 x wheel Steerable Float Trailer and Kenworth Prime Mover used for mine site haulage movements at a Queensland Coal Mine. 

Due to new OHS regulations, the system was required to meet mine site safety compliance, but effectively also saves an enormous amount of labour time otherwise spent manually checking and recording Tyre Pressures (and Temperatures), whilst also provides savings in tyre service life, fuel consumption and productivity loss due to premature tyre failure.  

The Prime Mover is fitted with the In-Cab LCD Display which provides the Operator / Driver with live Tyre Pressure and Temperature information and the audio + visual alarms for all Sensors on the wheels of the Prime Mover and Float Trailer

Additionally, LSM Technologies supplied our Wireless SmartLink™ TMS Tablet (SLT), the newest addition to our TMS products, as a field and workshop tool.  With both keypad and touch screen capabilities, the tablet is easy to navigate and allows for easy programming and reading of tyre data wirelessly during via- around PM's.  

On or Off Road Heavy Haulage Operators, such as those contracted to deliver heavy machinery around or to mine and construction sites will gain the proven operational safety and financial cost- downs benefits from fitting LSM Technologies Wireless Tyre Pressure Monitoring System Technology to any of their Pneumatic Tyred Fleet..