LCR Group rolls- out LSM Technologies MTR (Multi- Tow) Tyre Pressure / Temperature Monitoring Systems

Published Monday 1 Apr, 2013 by Peter Woodford

LSM Technologies have recently installed the very latest Doran MTR360 Multi-Trailer Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS) with SafetyTrax online reporting on LCR Mining Groups' Heavy Haulage Fleet.

After R&D of nearly 12 months and successful evaluation over the past 5 months, LCR Group are rolling out LSM Technologies MTR360 Multi-Trailer Tyre Pressure / Temperature Monitoring Systems (TPMS) with our Safetytrax On-line Reporting on their Mining Heavy Haulage Fleet.

LSM Technologies were selected to provide a suitably durable and functional TPMS with the aim to prolong tyre life and reduce safety risks associated with tyre maintenance.  LSM Technologies latest MTR360 TPMSystem has the capability to monitoring both Pressure and Temperature for the Prime- Movers and upto 8 x Trailer / Dolly's with a combination of upto 180 Tyres.

The MTR360 TPM Systems is the perfect Safety solution for:

  • On- Road Transport Fleets of Trucks and Trailers.
  • Load Loaders with large numbers of Tyres.  
  • Off- Road Heavy Haulage Fleets.

General Manager, Peter Koschel said "The LSM Technologies Multi-Trailer TPMS provides major benefits to our operations and an effective means of tyre pressure management. The TPMS allows accurate real-time monitoring of tyre pressures and temperatures during haulage operations".

Mr Koschel continued "Maintaining the correct tyre inflation pressures is critical for our haulage operations and for prolonging tyre life".  LSM Technologies MTR 360 Multi-Tow System will significantly reduce the safety risk associated with tyre pressure checking, extend tyre service life, fuel economy and reduce operating and maintenance costs".
LSM Technologies Telemetry / Web Based FSM- Fleet Safety Management System interface provides live Pressure / Temperature  monitoring, recording, reporting and alarm notification capabilities.  This means one can quickly and safely check tyre pressures before during and after each haulage movement.

Also using the LSM Technologies / Doran Smart Tool the MTR360 can program the entire TPMSystem as well as be used for quick maintains by simply pointing the device at the Prime- Mover or each Tow Vehicle to instantly see the Tyre Pressure and Temperature conditions.

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For more information, please see our MTR360 Multi- Tow TPMSystem or Contact us.