LSM QCabAir® (pat. pend.) Cabin Pressurisation / Filtration Commixing- for Light Vehicles

Published Saturday 8 Aug, 2015 by Peter Woodford

LSM Technologies has released the first version of their LSM QCabAir® Cabin Filtration / Pressurisation Commixing Plenum for Light Vehicles to meet the world's highest arrestance Standards- EN1822- HEPA >H13 / H14 Filtration.  LSM QCabAir® can be utilised with your choice of Filtration / Pressurisers Units. LSM QCabAir®  will provide the best protection of your Equipment & Human Assets against Airborne Particulate / DPM / Fibre as well as many other OH&S issues such as Co2 Concentration, Recirculation Air Filtration, Operator,  Cabin Pressurisation.

Some specific Features and  Benefits of our LSM QCabAir® Cabin Filtration / Pressurisation Commixing Plenum are:

  • Robust 316 Stainless Steel / Powder Coated Housing Design.
  • Guaranteed for 20,000 operating hours.
  • Ease of Installation / Commissioning. with separate LSM QCabAir® Core Plenum Module + Mounting + Ducting Assemblies.
  • A self-contained Core Module means standardisation and fully transferable from vehicle to vehicle.
  • Low Weight with small Foot-print.
  • NATA certified DOP Testing of the  LSM QCabAir®.
  • Fast / High volume Recirculation Air Filtration to remove Entrapped Particulate / Fibre.
  • Lower Thermal effects upon System due to compact  LSM QCabAir® Core Plenum Module.
  • Annunciator Panel / Electrical Controls with Hour meter, etc 
Light vehicle in dusty road