LSM EncloseAir® Pressurisers / Air Filtration for Enclosure, Fixed & Mobile Plant Cabins, Engines

For nearly 2 x decades, LSM Technologies has been a pioneering force in the development and implementation of Cabin Pressurisation and Air Filtration solutions for Fixed and Mobile Plant, particularly in hazardous environments such as mining, quarrying, and extraction industries. By working closely with Regulatory bodies and Industry partners, LSM EncloseAir® (int.pat.pend.) does not only met but exceeds health and safety standards, thus solidifying LSM's position as an industry leader for protection of operators / occupants of Enclosed Cabins.

LSM EncloseAir®  is the ultimate solution for Cabin + Enclosure Pressurisers / Air Filtration of Fixed and Mobile where one "wants to keep the dust out" whether it is an enclosure with or without occupants. 

Applications are on Mining / Earthmoving Vehicles, Control Rooms, Switchboards, Cell Towers, Crusher Electrical Box, Bus Luggage Compartments, and even Bus Alternators- any enclosure or equipment that requires a contamination free environment.

The solution is simple - just mount an External and Recirculation EncloseAir® Filtration Unit with either a MERV16+ or HEPA H13 Filter Element + LSM EnviroCab® Environmental Air Quality Monitoring system and you have the world's most effective solution to protect your human and equipments assets from harmful contamination entering your Cabin, Cabinet or Enclosure.

In addition, the EncloseAir® technology is also an effective solution for Engine Filtration 

LSM has played a significant role in the development of OH&S Standards and Guidelines, as well as associated mitigation technologies. Concepts and findings from LSM have influenced standards such as ISO 23875, demonstrating the company's thought leadership and commitment to industry-wide OH&S improvements.

For more information, please see the full details of the LSM mitigation controls at their weblinks or contact us.

LSM (Life - Saving - Mitigation) Technologies that enhances Workplace OH&S + Equipment Damage Control + Productivity.

Seeking Equity Investment / Partner: We are actively seeking equity investors / partners to help bring our new technologies to market both in Australia and globally. If you are interested, please contact us to discuss further.

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