Belaz- largest Dump Truck in the world chooses RadarEye Collision Management System

Published Thursday 30 Jan, 2014 by Peter Woodford
BelAZ- the Russian Heavy Mining Equipment Manufacturer has chosen RadarEye Camera Viewing and Proximity Detection Collision Safety Systems.

BelAZ has officially launched a 450 tonne mining dump truck, which has been confirmed as the biggest in the world.
It comes as the Belarusian machinery manufacturer celebrates its 65th birthday.
Dubbed the 75710, or 'The 450', it comes with a 25 per cent larger hauling capacity than the 360 tonne model, and is driven by two 16 cylinder, four cycle MTU diesel engines that provide a maximum speed of 64km per hour.

So as to assist the Operator to avoid Collisions and Equipment Damage Control, BelAZ has installed our RadarEye Camera Viewing / Proximity Detection Collision Safety System with virtually 360 degree Viewing and Object Detection around the Machine. 

Click on the RHS Images and view the Radar Sensor and Camera locations on the machine.

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