National Road Safety Partnership Program- Tyres 32% Claims, 59% of Mech. Failures- and more

Monash University's National Road Safety Partnership Program (NRSPP) latest statistics reflect  / reinforces some of the reasons why the Australian Federal Government Transport Body is calling for legislated ADR for the use of Tyre Monitoring Systems (TMSystems) on Heavy Vehicles.

The NTI / NTARC Report states that:

  • Of Wheel - end fires, tyres were identified as the source in just under half (46.5%) of incidents
  • Followed by Bearings (25%) and
  • Brakes (14.3%).

ARTSA-i estimated based (see ARTSA-i + EPA news articles) that there are close to 200 x insurance claims per annum to do with truck related fires. It is likely that the real number could be almost twice that number.

It is also likely that, on average, there is at least one of these events every day of the year.

The consequences of these fires can be profound and far exceed the actual loss of the truck and trailer equipment and its load. The disruption, safety risk to drivers and the public and environmental outcomes can also be profound.

LSM TyreGuard® TMSystems are proven fit- for- purpose mitigation technology that provide:

  • All Tyres: Constantly monitor tyre Inflation Pressures for Low and High Pressures.
  • Steer Tyre: the "Fast Leak Alert" is a feature that provides the Driver an immediate alert should the tyre loose >20kpa within 12 seconds to signal a rapid release / e.g. (pending zipper failure / blow out)
  • Tyre Temperature / Fires: Should the Wheel temperature exceed >80 DegC the RF Sensor will provide the Driver with a High Temperature "HOT" alert.
  • Alerts: All visual and audible alerts are provided to the Driver via an In- Cabin Display / Monitor.
  • Are integrated our FSM® Fleet Safety Manager + Tracking Telematics System to reduce fleet and equipment operating costs, increase productivity and enhance OH&S compliance.

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LSM (Life - Saving - Mitigation) Technologies that enhances Workplace OH&S + Equipment Damage Control + Productivity.

2022- NTI NTARC 2022 Report
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