Ray Cully Review on Ride- on / Doran TPMSystems- 4WD Touring Magazine- Ride- on and Doran TPMS has already saved him

Published Monday 5 Aug, 2013 by Peter Woodford

Ray Cully- renowned Journalist and Photographer has written a glowing review on LSM Technologies  / Doran TPMSystems- in fact it has already saved him on his travels.

Ray has been testing our Ride- on Sealants and Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems on his Outback travels and has written the latest review in the September issue of the 4WD Touring Magazine attached below.

Ray also writes:

" You'll be pleased to know the systems are working well – we staked a tyre on a large bolt at high speed but the sealant slowed the leak and the TPMS promptly alerted us to the deflating tyre before it shredded so we could pull over and safely change the tyre. Very happy – and a good update for the next review :)"

It gives us great pleasure here at LSM Technologies to hear testimonials like this where our specialised product technologies not only saves our customers money- but also increases safety!

Travel well Ray!