Woods Transport- LSM TyreGuard® TMSystems- 8 Years On

Woods Transport are very proactive and all about enhancing safety, equipment damage and ensuring optimum productivity.  Woods Transport have been utilising LSM TyreGuard® TMSystems and LSM FSM® Fleet Safety & Tracking Manager Telemetry System on all their extensive fleet since 2016.

Further to our LSM News ArticleWoods Transport has been kind enough to provide a testimonial for our LSM TyreGuard® Tyre Monitoring Systems and also our LSM FSM® Fleet Safety Manager (Tracking) telematics in the Big Rigs Editorial 27th Sept edition.

With a history that dates back to the 1950s, Woods is a family owned and operated and as Woods Group, services Australia’s Agricultural Industry, including Farming, Production through to Transport. 

Woods Transport is one of six businesses within the group. Its main operations are centred around Container movements to Port for export and Stock Feed delivery into Feedlots, servicing southern Queensland and northern NSW comprising of a sizeable fleet of up to 40 x Prime movers and over 100 x Trailers. 

Since 2016, Woods Transport has used LSM TyreGuard® with integrated Tyre Monitoring Systems (TMSystem) across much of its Fleet of Prime movers, A-Doubles and AB-Triple Road Trains and Container Loaders. Woods Transport use the LSM TyreGuard® MTR360 Multi-Trailer Combination TMSystem for is Transport’s Road Train F and the LSM TyreGuard® CE360 Heavy Machine TMSystems for their numerous Container Loaders.

“It’s been fitted across our road trains and stock feed trailers. The system enables us to identify potential issues and problems prior to them becoming major. LSM TyreGuard can help prevent things like flat tyres causing blow outs, anything causing added friction from a misaligned or broken axle, brake lock-up and failed brake boosters, to a fire in axle hubs,” explained Woods Transport compliance manager Anne Lipp.

The LSM FSM® Fleet Safety & Tracking Manager enables remote tyre monitoring, providing the dispatch team with online alerts, analysis and reporting data, and fast and accurate tyre management information, helping the team to ensure compliance.  

The system provides tracking and live monitoring. “You can actually monitor the pressures and temperatures from your computer in the office, as well as the driver seeing it all on the display screen in their prime mover. We have text and email set up so the system can send an alert whenever it identifies a problem. As well as identifying the truck, it also tells us the wheel position the problem relates to,” said Anne Lipp.

Anne Lipp added, “LSM Technologies have been very good to deal with. They offer great service, including providing training to people on site, as well as technicians to help us understand the system if required.”  “It’s all about prevention and being able to monitor and identify issues so you’re not having costly breakdowns, equipment damage, delays or time off the road.” 

LSM TyreGuard® TMSystem has been purpose built to survive the harshest of environments, offering the highest levels of fuel economy, tyre service life, safety, accuracy, durability, reliability and protection for your tyres, vehicles and occupants. See the complete article at this link to is the Big Rigs Editorial 27th Sept edition.

We are proud to be able to provide Woods Transport with our LSM Life - Saving- Mitigation Technologies, enhancing Workplace OH&S + Equipment Damage Control + Productivity.

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