LSM QCabAir® solves workplace exposure for Komatsu PC450 Excavator

Published Wednesday 1 Sep, 2021 by Peter Woodford

LSM Technologies engineering team designs LSM QCabAir® (pat.pend.) utilising Sy-Klone RESPA® technology specifically to compliment Komatsu machines providing the highest protection for Operators, exceeding ISO 23875 compliance and extending HVAC service life.

LSM QCabAir® (pat.pend.) Technology provides:

  • Specifically designed by LSM Engineering Team for the machine with a complete as- built and certified drawing.
  • Mounting and ducting has been designed to consider Operator visibility, ROP / FOPS integrity,  and to handle machine inertia / vibration.
  • Ducting of both commixed External (ambient temperature) and Recirculation Air directly over the HVAC evaporator ensures more efficient HVAC operation and balanced dynamic loading.
  • Stainless Steel construction means no corrosion contamination and the QCabAir® Plenum will last virtually forever
  • Protection of the Cabin and Operator / Occupants exceeds ISO 23875 compliance.
  • Operator comfort has been maximised with better thermal dynamics.
  • Easy access for Filter Element for replacement.
  • Both extended length versions of RESPA® External Air Cabin Pressuriser and Recirculation Filter units were used, providing better air flow and also less frequency for Filter Element replacement. 
  • Expected External Filter Service life of >500-1,000 hours.
  • High volume Recirculation means Cabin filtration cycle is approximately every 1-2 minutes and Filter Element service life of up to 1,000 hours.
  • Cabin pressurisation of >80 pascals.
  • Free flow of ventilation air to offset Co2 is suitable for >3-4 occupants.
  • Warranties of 3 x Years.
Yancaol 800 x 600 002.JPG
QCabAir 800 x 600 002.png

A special thanks to Alex and his team at All Fleet Mechanical Services for their excellent installation and commissioning of our QCabAir®