Giving Operators a Breath of Fresh Air- LSM QCabAir® (pat. pend.)Technology

Published Tuesday 31 Aug, 2021 by Peter Woodford

For more nearly 2 x decades, LSM Technologies has provided a "loud voice" advocating and contributing to the evolution of the ISO 23875 and many other OH&S Standards. LSM's Peter Woodford explains why his company's QCabAir® (pat. pend.) Cabin Pressurisation / Filtration Commixing technology provides the best dust protection in the industry and exceeds the ISO 23875 compliance.

Dust 800 x 500 001.jpg

This news article  / editorial in the SafeToWork publication is another in the series of related conversations LSM Technologies has inspired over the past near 20 years in regard to protecting Operators / Occupants in Enclosed Cabins on both Fixed and Mobile Plant against exposure to Airborne Particulate and Fibre in the workplace.

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