BMA/ LSM / Orlaco install Camera Viewing Solution for Dump Trucks

Published Monday 3 Apr, 2006 by Peter Woodford

Recently the LSM Team were provided with a challenge to install Orlaco Viewing Solutions to three Dump Trucks at BMA- Goonyella mine site.

Recently the LSM Team were provided with a challenge to install Orlaco Viewing Solutions to three Dump Trucks at BMA- Goonyella Mine Site.

Three Cameras were installed in April 2006, providing expanded / enhanced viewing around the peripheral of the vehicles, for Front View, Side View and Rear View.

LSM Technologies / Orlaco Cameras are flexible with multiple viewing angles.

All components of the Camera Systems are also designed for robustness and easily met the requirements for enhanced viewing in all arduous operating conditions of the mining industry / vehicles.

 Unlike others systems, the Orlaco Cameras systems are designed specifically for constant usage, with 10 years / 20, 000 operating hour design service life.

Other specific features of the Orlaco configurations are:

  • Compact Colour Cameras are waterproof (25 metres), pressurised (0.4 bar), nitrogen filled. They are a single piece camera with sealed connections. Contrarily, cameras that are two piece or have glands for cable entries will suffer ingress of moisture overtime, especially as a result of thermal expansion / contraction.
  • Lens are seven times harder than normal glass, are scratch- proof, and heated against frost and condensation (+15 degC).
  • SLR (Sun- Light Resistant) lens are photo- chromatic so as to reduce glare.
  • Vibration- proof to 30g and are contained with an anodised aluminium housing (Stainless Steel housing option also available) for long service life and high corrosion resistance.
  • Lens are chemically smoothen so dust will not adhere- this provides constant clear viewing as well as saves an enormous time in requirements for cleaning of the lens, especially when in operation.
  • Multiple views are provided from 17 deg to 130 deg armatures.
  • 1.2 LCD Monitors.
  • Compact Colour LCD Monitors have very high resolution, are anti- glare and have an integrated sun- cover.
  • The LCD has many functions such as automatic control and individual settings (Mirror, Invert, Contact, Brightness, colour, etc) for upto 3 cameras.
  • It also is protected against EMS transmissions to military requirements.
  • Weight is only 1.2 kg so is safer than other LCD’s / CRT Monitors in case of collision.
  • 1.3 Cables and Connectors:
  • The connection cable and stainless steel screwed connectors are made of high strength materials and are water- proof / chemically resistant against most petroleum liquids and degreasers. 

 LSM are so confident of the Orlaco systems that we provide 3 year warranties.