TfNSW sets new Standards- Specifications for TMSystems to Mitigate Bus Fires / OTSI Updated 2016 Bus Fire Report

Published Wednesday 16 Aug, 2017 by Peter Woodford

LSM Technologies are proud to be part of the Public Transport for NSW (TfNSW) safety initiatives to mitigate Bus Fires emanating from the Wheel Well.

As reported in previously related news articles (see below), TfNSW are continuing to roll out upto 3,000 LSM Technologies TMSystems Technology on Buses.

In addition, LSM Technologies have been instrumental in assisting NfNSW to develop their new TMSystems Standard - BC17/18562 on Buses. In addition, TfNSW have also develop Standards for the installation and use of Fire Suppression Systems for Engine related Fires. However, whilst  Fire Suppression Systems are an essential mitigation control- the technology is reactive-  after a fire has started.

TMSystems are a proactive technology that prevents a potential Wheel / Tyre Fire by monitoring the Tyre / Rim Temperature and warning the Operator- before a fire starts.

 In addition, TMSystems provides additional Safety and Cost- down benefits with:

  • Increasing Tyre Service Life.
  • Enhanced Bus Braking, Traction, Stability and Control.
  • Mitigation of catastrophic tyre failure, blow- outs and wheel offs.
  • Reduced Fuel Economy.
  • Increased Productivity / Scheduling.
  • Reduced Labour for tyre re- pressurisation.
  • Compliance / Event Reporting / Analysis (FSMS-  Telemetry Fleet Safety Management Systems)

LSM Technologies not only provides the latest SAE Tested  / Certified, Robust and Fit-  for Purpose TMSystem technology but also extensive Engineering / Technical  Services / Support, Training and Education to Bus Operators, Drivers and Maintenance personnel.

 Once again LSM Technologies are proud to be TfNSW selected TMSystem Technology and Service Provider.

For more information on our TMSystems and associated support technologies, please see the attachments / links below:

The OTIS (OTSI (Office of Transport Safety Investigations) has also recently released their latest investigative report Bus Fires in NSW 2016  stating 43% of Bus Fires (77 off) in NSW were confined to the Wheel Well.