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In the Heavy Transport industry, brake, wheel bearing and tyre failures can potentially cause high wheel hub and tyre temperatures on trucks and trailers. This can result in catastrophic equipment failure, fires and explosions causing substantial damage. It is paramount this risk be significantly mitigated or eliminated from Heavy Transport operations.

Furthermore, these events should be recorded to enable review and reporting for incident analysis. Also the TMSystem is required to alert the Operator so as to take corrective action to prevent damage to the vehicle, surrounding people & property.

Changes to recent Industry Standards/ Guidelines and Coroner Report have set a precedent in demanding that TMSystem Technology is implemented so as to avoid such events

Management of the risks associated with operating Heavy Transport requires effective maintenance of tyres and wheels as critical components. On- road failures of these components can result in a catastrophic situation (wheel fire / tyre explosions / tyre failures).

Some relative statistics state that:

  • 33% of Truck Trailer fires are related to Wheels and Tyres (NTI Major Accident Investigation Report - 2015).
  • 25% of Heavy Vehicle crashes are directly related to Tyres (Heavy Truck Crash Data 2012, NSW Centre for Road Safety).

Please see the video clip and download the complete Field Test Report below.

LSM Technologies / Rocky's Own Tyre Monitoring System Field Test Video

Heavy Transport Truck / Trailer -Tyre Monitoring System- Field Test

Heavy Transport Truck / Trailer -Tyre Monitoring System- Field Test (1,665.56 KB)

This is a field test report of LSM Technologies Tyre Monitoring Systems (TMS) can be an effective monitoring technology for providing an early warning alarm to a vehicle Operator of abnormally hi ...Read more...

LSM Technologies / Rocky's Heavy Transport- TMSystem Trailer Tyre Fire Mitigation Field Study / Report

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