Hyster / Adapta- Lift select LSM Technologies Camera Viewing + Radar Sensor Proximity System- Tyre Handler / Fork Truck

Published Tuesday 7 Jul, 2015 by Peter Woodford

To enhance Safety and Operator VisibilityHyster / Adapta- Lift chose LSM Technologies Heavy Duty Collision Awareness Technology for their Tyre Handlers / Fork Trucks.

To enhance Safety and also Operator Viewing Hyster / Adapta- lift fitted our RadarEye Collision Awareness System to their Tyre Handler.

The combination of our heavy duty and robust Camera Viewing and Radar Sensor Technology's are integrated to provide both Audible and Visual warnings of any objects or people that come into range.

The Rear Radar Sensors will detect Objects or People between 2- 20 metres and will not only provide the Operator with vision of the area but alert via an audible warning and also visually with a "green", "yellow" and "red" overlays dependent on how close the person or object is to the rear of the machine.

In addition to improving the Operators vision he has another Camera mounted to the front of the Tyre Handler Arms.

 LSM Technologies- providing Product Technologies & Technical Services that:

  • Reduce Operating Costs.
  • Extend Component Service Life.
  • Reduce Equipment Damage.
  • Enhance Workplace Safety & Operator Health.
  • Increase Productivity

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