Quarry selects LSM Technologies RadarEye Collision Safety System on Wheel Loader

Published Tuesday 9 Apr, 2013 by Peter Woodford

A leading Quarry Operator has implemented an evaluation of our new RadarEye- Safety Camera Viewing and Radar Proximity System on their Wheel Loader.

A leading Quarry Operator implemented in November 2012 our new RadarEye- Safety Camera Viewing and Radar Proximity System for evaluation on one of their Wheel Loader's.

The RadarEye System consists of 1 x Fixed Camera and 1 x Radar Sensor Set for the Rear of the Wheel Loader.

The Radar Sensors have been positioned at each corner of the Loader so as to provide a "Rectangular" Proximity Sensing Pattern.

One of the unique features of the RadarEye System is the flexibility of providing different Sensing Patterns around any machine- Rectangular or Spherical.

In this application, the Wheel Loader is working consistently in close proximity to other structures and so to avoid false / nuisance alarms (on the outside Rear sides) the RadarEye was configured to provide a Rectangular Sensing Pattern.

The Quarry Operations has utilised many other Camera / Proximity Detection devices. Comments provided by the Operator and the Quarry Manager about their experience with the RadarEye were:

  • Clarity of the Monitor / Camera View in low and bright light conditions is excellent.
  • I am more aware of my surroundings- especially as the Rear of the machine is a major "blind spot".
  • Accuracy of the Radar Sensors and configuration means that there are reduced nuisance alarms- especially when there is nothing detected.
  • Instantaneously Radar Sensing / Alert- other devices we have used would have substantial sensing delays where something would pass the machine- and them alarm- to late.
  • Nice to see equipment that is so robust and "built for purpose" for arduous operating environments- other Cameras and Proximity devices we have used where lucky to last a month.
  • We are going to have to put this on ALL our machines.

For more information please refer to this link RadarEye Camera / Radar Sensors Systems or how LSM Technologies can assist you in developing your Vehicle Safety  / Collision Avoidance / Awareness Management System, please Contact us.