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LSM Technologies are once again proud to be the Gold Sponsors of the Informa 4th Annual Collision Avoidance in Mining 2013.

LSM Technologies are once again proud to be the Gold Sponsors of the Informa 4th Annual Collision Avoidance in Mining 2013

The Conference will be held on the 14th- 15th March 2013 at the Mecure Hotel in Brisbane. The theme will be: Advancing mature, evidence based approaches to collision avoidance,improving operator awareness and fatigue management.

Over the past 7 years there has been a significant focus on Mining / Earthmoving Industries and Regulative Authorities to mitigate HPI's (high potential incidents), Injuries and fatalities from V2V (vehicle- vehicle), V2P (vehicle to people), V2I (vehicle to infrastructure) interactions.

Since LSM Technologies highlighted awareness of technologies available for Collision Avoidance to the Australia Mining Industry in November 2008, there is still a growing number of reported HPI’s / Accidents associated with V2P, V2I and V2V interactions.

Nearly 300 / annum HPI’s are reported by the Queensland Mines Inspectorate involving equipment collisions- in Queensland Mines alone.

If one was to consider such incidents in just Mining, Quarrying and Heavy Transport there would be literally thousands of such incidents each year that do (or potentially) cause injury and fatalities- and they are growing each year- not diminishing.

The big question at this next Conference will be"We have had years of regulation to eliminate V2V, V2P, V2I interactions - but does not seem to have been effective! So when are we going to see legislation that will provide better assurance that injuries and fatalities will not occur"

We look forward to seeing you (and / or you colleagues) at the Conference.

For further information / registration to the event please click this link and the Conference Program can be downloaded below for your convenience. 

LSM Technologies Gold Sponsor 4th Annual Collision Avoidance in Mining 2013

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