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Orlaco is the world leader in Camera Viewing Solutions  and one application that they have been predominant in is Camera Systems for Crane Load Viewing.

Orlaco is the world leader in Camera Viewing Solutions  and one application that they are predominant in is Camera Viewing Solutions Systems for Crane Load Viewing.

Dura Vermeer is one of Orlaco's many customers who operate  twenty three (23) Tower Cranes. Three (3) cranes already had Orlaco camera / monitor systems and the other twenty (20) have just recently been fitted with the same equipment.

"The zoom-in range is excellent and the auto-loading contact is ideal for the machine operators", say Jan van der Bijl and Willem Boere from Dura Vermeer. "The machine operators will no longer work without it; that much we've learnt from experience".

Dura Vermeer is involved in construction, infrastructure, engineering and services and Jan van der Bijl (Tower Cranes) and Willem Boere (Service and Maintenance), are happy to explain their choice of vision solution in more detail.

"Good visibility for the machine operator is becoming increasingly important" says Boere. "Planning is becoming tighter, production speeds are increasing and the loads are getting heavier, and that makes safety more important than ever. The machine operator for the tower crane is responsible for safe lifting, so he wants good visibility of the load and the lifting site".

Improved visibility, control, safety, productivity....and much more!

If the machine Operator has to rely on what he can see from the Tower crane, then this does not guarantee good visibility. Lifting increasingly has to be carried out behind objects, for example buildings under construction, which means the load is outside the machine operator's field of vision.

"The level of expertise of the banksmen also varies greatly", comments Van der Bijl. "The machine operator has to work with different banksmen more and more often, so communication has to be spot on. If the machine operator can zoom in, he can get a better view of the banksman, the lifting site and the load itself, and he also has more control over the load while he is moving it". 

These are all good reasons to fit twenty tower cranes with a zoom camera, and Orlaco was chosen as the supplier once again. "The cameras from Orlaco have an excellent zoom-in range and the auto-loading contact is ideal for the machine operators. All they have to do in the evening is put the trolley in the starting position to charge the battery for the camera, instead of having to connect and disconnect cables", says Boere.

The zoom cameras from Orlaco promise great things for the machine operators of the tower cranes. They make the work easier, more comfortable, safer and better from an ergonomic perspective. "The machine operators will no longer work without it", says Van der Bijl; "that much we've learnt from experience".


Another testimonial from the thousands of users of LSM Technologies  / Orlaco Camera Viewing Solutions and proven enhancement: 
Safety+Damage Control+Productivity

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Dura Vermeer Equips 20 x Tower Cranes- Orlaco Load View Systems

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