Rocla choose LSM Technologies / Orlaco Solutions for their Wheel Loaders

Published Wednesday 12 Dec, 2007 by Keith Watson

Rocla Batching Plant in Perth choose LSM Technologies Orlaco Cameras for thier Loaders.

Rocla Batching Plant in Perth choose LSM Technologies Orlaco Cameras for their Wheel Loaders.

Wheel Loaders operating in batching plants are constantly moving within a small area and lots of obstacles. This means that the Operator must be always vigilant and constantly rotating his head to compensate for blind spot visibility.

As such, neck and back strain, a high risk of collision and also driver fatigue can occur.

Rocla firstly looked at a number of camera systems to enhance OH&S and choose a less expensive camera system- which only worked for a single day.

Rocla endeavoured to contact the supplier to have the camera system replaced / repaired but without success, resulting in 3 days of stopped production for the Loader.

Subsequently they contacted LSM Technologies to provide a solution which was installed and operational the next day- and it has not stopped since.

LSM Technologies would like to thank Rocla for their confidence in our specialised products and technical services and welcome them on our long growing list of end- users of LSM Technologies / Orlaco Camera Viewing Solutions.

Of course- LSM Technologies standard Warranty of three (3) year or 20,000 operating hours applies. 

LSM Technologies enhancing: 
Safety+Damage Control+Productivity

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