LSM SafetyViewDetect® solution for Linde / Berri Juices

Published Wednesday 31 Oct, 2007 by Peter Woodford

Linde Material Handling with selects LSM SafetyViewDetect® Camera / Proximity detection solutions for Cold Storage one of their customers- Berri Juices on a R115 series Forklift.

Lifting heights are up to 9.0 metres on Rail Racking for Double Deep storage within and without Cold Storage environments.

As can be seen in image #1, alignment of the forks is difficult even for an experienced Operator at this height, least alone restricted visibility by safety cage, ROP structures, lower light conditions, etc.

LSM SafetyViewDetect® Camera Systems provides for under Fork-viewing, to easily align the forks to the pallet, viewing under the pallet during transport and also replacing pallets back in the racking.

Special features are:

  • Compact LCD, with inbuilt Power Converter suitable for temperatures down to -40 degC
  • The compact LCD is mounted on an adjustable HD bracket assembly, remotely mounted to no drilling into the ROP.
  • HD Bracket has an adjusting knob so as it can be repositioned easily / quickly for different height Operators. Also, the lockable knob provides for anti theft.
  • Colour Compact Camera is internally heated and so no fogging of the lens.
  • Unique Forklift Cable has been used and has proven itself to last more than 4 million cycles (a Forklift will average about 1.0 million cycles over 5 years), at under 30 deg C.
  • High resolution, so clear viewing in all conditions.

Of course- LSM Technologies standard Warranty of three (3) year or 20,000 operating hours applies. 

LSM Technologies enhancing: Safety+Damage Control+Productivity.

Linde x 800 x 600 x 004.jpg
Linde x 800 x 600 x 001.jpg