Red Australia- One Steel Tasmania selects LSM SafetyViewDetect® on Baumann Forklift

Published Tuesday 18 Sep, 2007 by Peter Woodford

LSM SafetyViewDetect® viewing solutions was selected by Red Australia for enhancing Operator visibility on a Baumann Side Lifter for One Steel in Hobart.

The LSM SafetyViewDetect® viewing solution consists of two Colour Compact Cameras (CCCameras):

  • One CCCamera (102 deg) mounted to the Mast (Mast- over view)  for the Operator to see loads once placed on the large forks.
  • The other CCCamera (131 deg) is mounted between the forks to provide a view of the full width of the forks, as well as providing the Operator with a view on placement of the forks under the product.

One Steel in Hobart- Tasmania are very happy with the LSM SafetyViewDetect® viewing solutions, its reliability and clarity of image especially in poor light conditions.

Of course- LSM Technologies standard Warranty of three (3) year or 20,000 operating hours applies. 

LSM Technologies enhancing: Safety+Damage Control+Productivity.


Red Baumann 800 x 004.jpg


Camera positioned for Over- Mast View

Red Baumann 800 x 002.jpg
Red Baumann 800 x 003.jpg

Camera positioned for Fork View