Dampier Salt- select LSM SafetyViewDetect® Camera Viewing / Proximity Detection Systems

Published Friday 27 Apr, 2007 by Peter Woodford

Rio Tinto's Dampier Salt operates equipment in one of the most harshest and corrosive environments in the world- Salt Harvesting- and have chosen LSM SafetyViewDetect® Camera Viewing / Proximity detection for their Salt Harvesters and Dozer's.

No problems for Orlaco Camera Systems- which have operated for more than 10 years without issue within / on:

  • Asphalt and Road Construction Equipment.
  • Concrete Agitators / Plants.
  • Fertiliser Equipment / Plants.
  • Sanitation processes.

LSM Technologies / Orlaco Cameras can be provided with marine grade 316 Stainless Steel housings and because the Cameras are a sealed unit, the lens is chemically treated, then both the housings / lens are unaffected by such aggressive environments. Of course the there is all the other advantages and features as depicted below.

Also the LCD /Cabling and other components of the LSM Technologies / Orlaco Cameras are just as durable in these operating environments.

And this all backed- up by our by three (3) year warranties.

TJ450 MODIFIED 154.jpg
Stainless Steel CCCamera.jpg
TJ450 MODIFIED 079.jpg