Wake- up to Driver Fatigue- LSM Technologies Driver Fatigue Monitor Solution…

All Transport Haulage Operators, Regulators, Authorities-  be it On-Road or Off-Road- acknowledge the inherent risks of Driver Fatigue.  Driver Fatigue is implicated in approximately 60% of Mining accidents involving Haul Trucks and up to 30% of Road Crashes (On- Road). 

The NTARC / NTI Major Accident Investigation Report (2015) claims in 2013 that 15% of road fatalities were identified as being fatigue-related crashes, although the actual number could be much higher as it can be difficult to identify fatigue as a causal factor.  Fatigue (and Distraction), when driving can affect anyone, whether operating a large Dump Truck on a Mine Site, Long Haul Truck or a public vehicle.

As a result, live Fatigue (Distraction) Monitoring is now being more recognised by Industry as a critical component of their Driver Fatigue Management strategy for ensuring safer Drivers.  

Just over 12 months ago, one of our large Off- road customers installed LSM Technologies Driver Fatigue Monitors (DFM) in about 30 of their Heavy Haulage Road Trains. 

According to their HSE Manager:

This technology has formed a vital part of our overall fatigue management practises and procedures. LSM Technologies DFM Camera System is a cost effective aid to protect drivers from fatigue related incidents occurring while providing additional reporting capabilities for management." 

The HSE Manager also stated:

“Because the DFM system detects both distraction and fatigue behaviours, we have now become much more aware of the state and behaviour of our drivers during shifts.  Because of the nature of the work they do, driver distraction is also a real safety risk. Furthermore, the information allows for training improvements and active interventions to protect people".

"When fatigue or distraction has been indicated by the DFM, the system provides In-cab audible warnings to the drivers, and live alerts notifications (email and / or SMS) with a "Snap Shot" image from the DFM back to Operations, live on their On- line Monitoring interface- SAFETRACS. The image is a great reference as to the behaviour which triggered each alert".

LSM Technologies is continuously improving and developing their DFM and SAFETRACS technology to adapt to any operational deployment and to provide more flexibility to better suit customers requirements / operations. The latest DFM version has a live video feed output which can be used to record and review potential events.

LSM Technologies DFM  and SAFETRACS provides Real-time Alarms and Web Based Monitoring, Analysis and ReportingThe DFM is unobtrusive that combines a Dash mounted, day and night, infrared illuminated Monitor Camera designed to predict Operator Drowsiness using face-recognition percentage of eyelid closure (PERCLOS), and mesh-membrane pupil detection technology to recognise and predict Driver Fatigue.   

The small DFM camera technology consists of:

  • Intelligent Video Analytics Technology
  • High-speed Pentium II processors.
  • Configurable operating speed (Kph), sensitivity and volume settings.
  • RS-232 data outputs or digital output.
  • Video output for recording options.
  • SAFETRACS On-- line Web based Reporting / Event Recording / Analysis with telematics integration.

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