Larry Perkins- Legendary V8 Supercar Race Driver- endorses LSM TyreGuard® yre Monitoring Systems

Legendary Six-time Bathurst V8 Supercar winner Larry Perkins endorses LSM Technologies and Tyre Monitoring System technology.

Larry says: "I have had the RV360 TMSystems on my Unimog  / Trailer now for about 7 years and never had a problem with flat batteries, failure of the Sensors or unit. I have seen many systems in my travels and this particular unit leaves all the others for dead".

"The RV360 TMSystem from LSM Technologies is the the best thing for a road vehicle in Australia in outback and desert travel. It has saved me many times maintaining and ensuring tyre pressures are correct."

Larry has been using our Tyre Monitoring Systems (TMSystems) since about 2006 and he goes on to say: "I now spend a lot of time with remote desert travel and have been using the TMSystems from LSM Technologies with the Unimog for over 5 years also for my Quad Bike  / Trailer Tow"

Larry may have retired from professional racing but he has a factory in Melbourne and is still involved with many extreme vehicular projects such as manufacturing Overdrive Gearboxes in Germany for the latest U4000/5000 Unimogs.

LSM Technologies are proud to have another professional endorsement of our technologies / services along with other famous enthusiasts such as Allan Whiting of Outback Travelling Australia- who also has had involvement with testing / driving Unimogs in the Outback- see Alan's endorsement at this links:

For more information how LSM Technologies can assist you with the latest in TMSystem Technology: