Idemitsu- Ensham Site rolls- out LSM Technologies CE / MTR360 TMSystems on their HME

ENSHAM RESOURCES (Idemitsu) have implemented the latest in Online OTR Tyre Monitoring Systems (TMS) for their fleet of HME Dump Trucks, Wheel Loaders and Graders. The purpose is to reduce operational and maintenance time and costs associated with managing OTR tyres, and ensure the highest industry safety and maintenance standards are being met.

 The LSM Technologies MTR360 / CE 360 TMSystems were chosen as it is the most cost effective, reliable and versatile system available and is a common system for all HME, LVehicles, Service Trucks, Forklifts, etc. The TMSystem not only provides on board monitoring for Operators, but also Remote Tyre Monitoring via an On-line Telemetry System (FSM System) to allow for fast and accurate tyre management information and reporting.  LSM Technologies TMSystems provides the best balance of functionality, durability and cost effectiveness, and FSM System makes tyre pressure management incredibly efficient, saving hours of labour time and costs. 

LSM Technologies are proud to be their selected technology and service provider.

For more information how LSM Technologies can assist you with the latest in TMSystem Solutions:

The TMSystem is simple to install and maintain on site, because the OTR Sensors are valve mounted, you simply screw them on, and only remove them when adjusting tyre pressures.  Where Valve Extensions where not protected, Steel Magnetic Mount Valve Protectors where installed prevent valve and OTR sensor damage.

Each machine is fitted with the In-Cabin LCD Display which provides Tyre Pressure and Temperature information with Audio and Visual Alarms.

 LSM Technologies FSM System provides real-time tyre pressure and temperature information, alerting and reporting via web based reporting, which can be accessed anywhere you have Internet connection.   Our FSM System can auto report via email or SMS to maintenance supervisor or team to action pressure alerts.  All alerts are fully programmable via the web interface so you can determine how the system alerts you and to what level .i.e. high pressure, low pressure, fast leak.  

Additionally, we supplied our Wireless SmartLink™ TMS Tablet (SLT), the newest addition to our TMS products, as a field and workshop tool. The Android based device uses RF or LF transmitting capabilities to communicate with the tyre pressure monitoring units on the machines.  With both keypad and touch screen capabilities, the tablet is easy to navigate and allows for easy programming and reading of tyre data wirelessly.  

LSM Technologies TMSystem combined with FSM System Web Based Reporting / Alerting System provides:

  •  Increased Safety: Avoids catastrophic tyre failure, tyre fires and potential accidents. Also optimised set- point pressures provide better handling, control and braking.
  • Tyre Service Life / Fuel Economy: Maintaining optimum set- point pressures through FSM System monitoring means tyres last longer and optimises fuel economy.
  •  Cost downs / Productivity: Checking of 100+ tyres on each Rig would take >6 hours of labour and production loss. Using the FSM System Web Based System, tyres that require attention can be identified and targeted for pressurisation. Used of the Smartlink Maintenance Tool also provides for faster PM walk- around with the Tool quickly displaying all the machines / vehicles tyre pressures ands temperatures.
  • Damage Control: Avoids tyre fires, catastrophic failure.
  • Lightening Strikes / Tyre fires / Pyrolysis & Explosions: If the TMSystems is still operating after an electrical storm the FSM System will display the Tyre Temperatures / Pressures allowing faster  / safer back- to -work Productivity.
  • Recording / Trending / Alerting: The MTR360 / CE 360 TMSystems can provide the Operator with immediate notification of High Pressure, Low Pressure, Fast leak, High Temperatures so that they can take the appropriate corrective action during operation.