Another Worlds First- TMS Sensors compatible for Tyres using Sealants &Conditioner Fluids

Published Monday 8 Feb, 2016 by Peter Woodford

One of the significant contributors to premature Tyre Sensors failure is Sealant and Conditioner Fluids used ion OTR Tyres.

After more than two years of research, product development, independent lab certification and field testing, LSM Technologies / Doran has introduced a new Doran 360™ Tyre Sensor for Off-the road (OTR) tyres- another Worlds First in Tyre Monitoring System (TMS) Technology..

The Tyre Sensor is specifically designed to provide enhanced reliably and to perform in the harsh environments found in Mining, Quarry and other Off-road Vehicle applications.

Some of the OTR Tyre Sensor features:

  • Patent pending seal design with built-in filter to withstand Rim Conditioners and other fluids used in OTR tyres.
  • Three-piece field replaceable brass seal for consistent valve core depression.
  • High performance Lithium-Ion battery for enhanced tolerance to temperature extremes and longer life.
  • Large High-Impact Nylon Housing allows for additional potting material to protect the internal sensor components from damage caused by vibration, impact and extreme operating conditions.

In addition to rigorous field testing, the Large Bore Tyre Sensor has successfully passed tests using SAE standards for temperature, vibration and chemical / water resistance at an independent a2La accredited testing facility.

Please see the following links and also technical leaflet that can be downloaded below