Alinta Energy– Leigh Creek Coal chooses LSM Technologies Doran CE360 TPMSystems for their Dump Truck Fleet

Published Friday 19 Sep, 2014 by Peter Woodford

After 18 months of evaluations, consultation and development with LSM Technologies and solution partner, Blackbox Control, Alinta Energy’s Leigh Creek Coal Mine operation has commenced fitting our Doran Tyre Pressure Monitoring System on all their 17 x Terex 4400 and Komatsu 830E Dump Trucks.

Paul Mills from Leigh Creek Coal said “We needed a cost effective and reliable Tyre Pressure & Temperature Monitoring solution that can be integrated with our Mine Management System being developed by Blackbox Control”.

Paul mentioned that “The LSM Technologies Doran CE360 TPMSystem was chosen because it provides reliable Tyre Pressure and Temperature information and because the robust valve mounted OTR tyre Sensors make it quick to install, easy to maintain, and could be integrated with our Mine Management System”. 

Paul went on to say, “The Mine Site is very tough on Tyres due to rough haul roads and the extreme high temperatures, so daily pressure checks are a must”.   

Pressure checks can now be performed quickly on the In-Cabin Display Monitor by the Truck Operators upon start-up and in the Workshop with the Wireless Smart Maintenance Hand Tool.

Management can also access the TPMS data via the Black Box Mine Management System integration.

The saving gained from reducing tyre maintenance time, preventing premature tyre damage and improving tyre performance overall, will provide a whole range of benefits for the Mobile Assets of Leigh Creek Coal Mine.

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