Australian Construction Company uses LSM Technologies Crane Viewing Systems to enhance Safety

One of Australia's largest Construction Company's have been implementing LSM Technologies Crane Camera Viewing Systems on their various Cranes / Construction Sites for more than 3 years now.

To date they have installed more than >20 x of their Cranes with our technology, enhancing Safety, Equipment Damage Control and Productivity.

LSM Technologies Camera Viewing Solutions for Cranes are unique and are designed to resolve (Tower, Luffing, Crawler, Harbour, Mobile, etc) Crane Operator Visibility issues according to ISO 5006 / EN13000 for:

  • Lower Deck (Travel, Manoeuvring- both ON and Off Road).
  • Upper Deck (Winch / Load Views).
  • Load View (“Blind Lifts” – Hoist Rope / Hook).

The advantages of a LSM Technologies / Orlaco Camera Viewing Solutions includes:

  • Safety: No more “blind lifts” with a view of what is happening behind, on top of buildings, obstacles, view of the details close / around the hook, through the auto-focus, 216 x Zoom Camera.
  • Damage Control: A view of and around the Hook will allow greater manoeuvrability and avoid damage to Load, Equipment and Obstacles.
  • Greater Efficiency  Productivity: improved manoeuvrability, increased load cycles leads to saving of time, operator needs less help from others, working at night and in poor light conditions is excellent due to the “night vision” feature of the camera system.