IBR Conferences 6th Annual Best Practices Mine Haulage Conference 26th- 27th November 2014

Published Tuesday 16 Sep, 2014 by Peter Woodford

LSM Technologies will present on advances in Collision Avoidance Technologies at the next IBR Conferences 6th Annual Best Practises Mine Haulage Conference 26th- 27th November 2014 in Brisbane.

LSM Technologies are proud to be a sponsor and also present on the history and current technologies available for effective Situation Awareness + Proximity Detection + Collision Avoidance.

LSM Technologies brings focus to the Australian Mining / Earthmoving Industry in providing solutions for mitigation of HPI's, Injuries and Fatalities involving the interaction of V2P (vehicle to person), V2V (vehicle to vehicle), V2I (vehicle to infrastructure).

LSM Technologies has more than 10 many years experience with implementing Operator Visibility control measures. Not only on equipment in the Mining / Earthmoving Industries but also:

  • Construction (Cranes).
  • Emergency Services (Sky lifts, Crash tenderers)
  • Port Handing (RTG, RMG, STS, Straddle Carriers).
  • Material Handling (Telehandlers/ Forklifts).
  • Heavy Haulage / Transport.
  • Fixed Plant Monitoring (Crushers, Screes, Silos, etc).
  • etc. 

We look forward to to see you at the Conference and sharing with you our experiences to enhance Safety.

For more Information and to Register for the Conference Event at this link to IBR Conference.