RadarEye- Safety Collision System- More Features

Published Monday 10 Feb, 2014 by Peter Woodford
LSM Technologies RadarEye Collision Safety Systems has been updated to include a number of selectable Visual Warning / Alarm Overlays, an External Speaker and Interface / Control Unit for External Outputs to control other systems.

LSM Technologies are constantly improving their quality of their Collision Safety Systems.

RadarEye is an active camera monitor system which sends Vision and Proximity Detection feedback in real-time to the Vehicle Operator’s dashboard Video Monitor.

For example: as soon as a person enters the Radar zone, RadarEye’s transparent visualisation will be activated. The operator will hear a signal and see on-screen that someone has stepped into the zone.

Overlays: There are 5 x pre-programmed Overlays that can be selected. Default visual warnings come across as coloured Dots, which are displayed at the top right of the Monitor. What’s more, an Overlay can be selected in the Radar menu camera settings. The Overlay depends on the setup of the Sensors, together with the mounting position of the Sensors and the camera.

External speaker An External Loudspeaker is now available The Loudspeaker also features a LED light that flashes with the sound in the same tempo.

Interface Box  / Control Unit: The Interface Box allows for a External Output for a Tower Light and  RS232 / RS485 Communication Outputs to provide Radar Sensor signals which can also be used control external devices / systems (NB: Please be careful in using this feature to control a machines operation / functions).

LSM Technologies will design you a Collisions Safety Systems that is robust and fit- for- purpose for your machine and operations. The RadarEye System can use upto 4 x Cameras as well as 12 x Radar Sensor Sets, so will suit any machine no matter how small or large.

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