Orlaco Quality Camera Systems for ARFF (Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting) Vehicles- DEV Compliant.

Published Friday 31 May, 2013 by Peter Woodford

Orlaco Products has developed quality camera systems for ARFF (Aircraft rescue and firefighting) vehicles. What’s more, our Safety Systems are fully DEVS compliant.


Orlaco offers several total (Plug & Play) vision solutions for Airport Crash Vehicles.

Our DEVS basic solution contains a robust, waterproof Thermal Imaging (Far Infrared), mounted on a Pan & Tilt Unit, with tailor-made Cables and a 12” RLED Display. wit the system controlled by Joystick from inside the Drivers Cabin.

As recommended by the FAA advisory, it is possible to build out the system with an easy yet durable Video Recorder. Next to that, more and more customers want to include a Daylight Zoom Camera, Rear view Camera, and even Side View Cameras.

The whole system is modular, so we can configure it to meet the customer’s requirements. Last but not least, we can carry out control integration in, for example, the ARFF Vehicle’s CANbus system.

DEVS: The U.S. Department of Transportation FAA posted an advisory (Circular AC No: 150/5210-19A) that is being increasingly adopted by airports all over the world. Section 1 of DEVS (Driver’s Enhanced Vision System) “Vision Enhancement” is quickly becoming the standard for most Airports, and is already a must for category 10 Airports.

To learn more about our DEVS configuration see our Emergency Vehicles Catalogue or Contact Us.